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DC2-303 Inmate Trust Fund Deposit Form

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Previously, in accordance with Chapter 33-203.201(2), Florida Administrative Code, money orders, cashiers checks or certified bank drafts for the personal use or benefit of inmates were mailed to the local service centers for processing. On November 1, 2000 all inmate trust fund activities were centralized at the Financial Service Center in Tallahassee. This requires that all funds intended for the personal use or benefit of inmates now be mailed directly to the Financial Service Center in Tallahassee. The service center is now using an advanced processing machine to make deposits, which transfers money to the inmate sooner.

Instructions for funds mailed to the Financial Service Center:

  1. To get the money to the inmate as soon as possible, the sender should complete Form DC2-303 Inmate Trust Fund Deposit Form and mail the form and money order, to the Financial Service Center. This form may be obtained from any institution or facility. The form is two sided and fits into a letter size envelope.

    Any money order, cashiers check, or certified bank draft in the amount of $400.00 or higher will have a ten day hold placed on the funds.

  2. The form has a special type of ink color, which lets the machine process the deposit automatically. This means that photocopies should not be sent. Deposits sent with photocopies will delay depositing of funds to the inmate's account. For the same reason, this form will not be available on the Internet.

  3. Forms may be requested via e-mail (central.accounting@ mail.dc.state.fl.us), by calling the toll free number 1-866-209-7250, or by sending a request by mail to:
    Department of Corrections
    Financial Service Center
    Centerville Station
    P.O. Box #13600
    Tallahassee FL 32317-3600
  4. Funds and deposit forms should be mailed to:
    Florida Department of Corrections
    Inmate Trust Fund
    Centerville Station
    P.O. Box #12100
    Tallahassee FL 32317-2100
  5. Funds mailed to department addresses other than the address provided in number 4 above will be returned to the sender.

  6. In completing the form, it is important that the sender follow the instructions and complete all the requested information. Do not send cash, stamps, personal items or letters to the P.O. Box address along with the funds, because they cannot be given to the inmate.

  7. Funds will not be accepted during visitation even if the visitor has a completed DC2-303 form.

  8. If the inmate cannot be identified due to the DC number and/or name missing or incorrect and the form does not have a return address, the funds will be deposited into a clearing account pending identification of the inmate to whom the funds will be credited.

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