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Complaint Form

The Office of the Inspector General's mission is to protect and promote public integrity and accountability within the Department through investigations of criminal and administrative violations, and audits that detect fraud, waste and abuse.

To report a fraud, waste and misuse complaint, please utilize the Fraud, Waste and Misuse of Public Funds Hotline (866) 246-4412, or send an email to FraudWasteMisUse@mail.dc.state.fl.us.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) additionally investigates complaints against employees of the Florida Department of Corrections, such as institutional and community corrections staff, private facility employees, vendors, inmates and probationers.

The following are the types of complaints the OIG investigates:

  1. physical abuse
  2. excessive force
  3. whistle-blower's complaints
  4. criminal activity within the institutions
  5. sexual misconduct, to include unprofessional relationships
  6. staff misconduct
  7. death which is alleged to be the result of the actions of an employee of the Department or Private Facility.

If this is an emergency, please contact our Emergency Action Center (EAC) at (850) 922-6867, or the facility which the inmate or offender is supervised.

If the incident is investigated, you may be asked to provide a more complete statement.

IMPORTANT: Fill in this form as COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE. IF YOU NEED HELP filling out this form, please call the OIG at (850) 488-9265.

This electronic form will go directly to the OIG for review. The required data must be completed to submit the complaint form. You will receive a confirmation after you submit the form and will be contacted by a member of the OIG.

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