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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Department of Corrections Violence in the Workplace Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Department of Corrections to provide all employees with a safe workplace within the boundaries of our agency mission. In keeping with this policy, we use early intervention and awareness strategies in order to avoid or minimize the occurrence and effects of violence in the workplace, and offer assistance to victims and/or discipline perpetrators of acts of violence in accordance with department policy and procedure.

The department will provide workplace violence education and training to staff for the purpose of preventing violence in the workplace. In addition, all prospective employees (including volunteers and contract staff) will undergo pre-employment security screening to include a complete history of arrests and convictions for crimes of violence including domestic violence.

Violence by any individual while in state offices, facilities, work sites, or vehicles, or during the performance of state business will not be tolerated, and will be considered a violation of section 33-208.002(16), F.A.C. This includes any violent, aggressive, or threatening behavior (verbal or physical) that results in physical injury or emotional trauma or otherwise places any person's safety or productivity at risk, and is committed by any person including a supervisor, co-worker, vendor, others engaged in business with the department, or any other individual with whom an employee may come into contact during the course of business.

Any employee who threatens, harasses, assaults or batters someone at the workplace or from the workplace using any state resources - such as state time, workplace phones, fax machines, computers, mail, e-mail, or other means - will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, notification of law enforcement, referral to counseling, or other action as determined by department management.

Employees have an obligation to report incidents of workplace violence. Several channels exist for employees (or other individuals) to report such incidents. Reports (via Incident Report or other written means) may be made via the following:

  1. Report to the employee's immediate supervisor or any manager in the chain-of-command; or

  2. Report to the employee's servicing personnel office or the Office of the Inspector General, especially if the report is confidential or the employee (or other individual making such a report) wishes to be anonymous.
  3. When a supervisor is informed of a threat or other violent behavior, s/he will immediately report the incident to the next level manager. The supervisor or higher authority shall notify the appropriate security staff, who shall review the report and make recommendations for action.

  4. If physical injury occurs or a threat is believed to be imminent, supervisors or office security staff should be notified immediately, so that prompt action is taken to de-escalate the incident (separate individuals, post security staff, contact law enforcement, and/or any other action deemed appropriate or necessary) or the employee should contact a local law enforcement agency directly via 911 if necessary.

Any questions regarding this violence in the workplace policy statement should be directed to your servicing personnel office.

Signed by Edwin G. Buss, Secretary  

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