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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

 Picture of Gadsden Re-Entry Center

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Mailing/Shipping Address:
540 Opportunity Lane
Havana, Florida 32333

Physical Address:
630 Opportunity Lane
Havana, Florida 32333
(850) 539-2440

Christopher Atkins

Florida Department of Corrections

Gadsden Re-Entry Center

County: Gadsden

  • 432 beds

  • Category 3 (min/med) security

  • Center is located on approximately 47 acres of land.

  • Multipurpose Building Makeup
    • Visiting Park
    • Security Offices
    • Chapel
    • Library
    • Medical Offices
    • Classification Offices
    • Two Vocational Labs / One Classroom /  W/ Instr. Office
    • Six Classrooms / W/ Instr. Offices + Each Dorm (3) has Two (2) Classrooms
    • Computer Lab
    • Food Service
    • Laundry

Directions: Directions: Highway 90 West towards Midway/Quincy for approximately 7.0 miles. Opportunity Lane is approximately .05 miles West of Academy Drive at the Florida Corrections Academy on the South side of Highway 90. The Institution is on the back of the property.

Historical Information: This facility was established in 2012 and houses adult male inmates.

Total Staff (on 4/13/2018):   97 Department of Corrections staff

Facility Profile Information: Last updated 04/18
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Type of Housing Units:
Open Bay Housing Units 3
Cell Housing Units 0
Room Housing Units 0
Maximum Capacity 432
Other Information:
Population Gender Male
Adult or Youthful Adult
Facility Level 3
Self Contained Housing Units No
Designated Confinement Space No
Custody Grades Medium, Minimum, Community
Medical Grades 1-2
Psychological Grades 1-3
Wheelchair Capabilities Yes
Hearing Impaired Capabilities No

Academic Programs:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Literacy Program
  • Adult Basic Education
  • General Education Development (GED) Preparation
  • GED Testing

Vocational Education Programs:

  • Electrical
  • Janitorial Services
  • Culinary Arts
  • Carpentry

Betterment Programs:

  • Victim Awareness
  • Motivation to Change
  • Addiction Education
  • 100- Hour Transition Program  
  • Anger Management
  • Within My Reach
  • Money SMART
  • Parenting from Inside
  • Batterer’s Intervention Program
  • Thinking for a Change
  • Targeting for Success/Employability
  • Wellness Program

Re Entry Programs:

  • Library Services
  • Music/Band
  • Mentor Program
  • Veterans Assistance
  • Job Fair Workshops
  • Community Services 
  • Ex-Offender Support Group

Chaplaincy Services:

  • Inter-Faith Meditation
  • Next Steps
  • Character Study
  • Choir Program
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Chapel Library

Substance Abuse Program Services:

  • Residential Therapeutic Community
  • Outpatient/Aftercare Substance Abuse Services
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Services
  • Addiction Education Services

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