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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Picture of Correctional Institution
5964 U.S. Highway 90
Live Oak, Florida

Main Unit: (386) 963-6530

Annex: (386) 963-6531

Work Camp: (386) 963-6532

Staffing Recruiter (All Units): (386) 963-6603

Christopher Hodgson

(386) 963-6253
Fax: (386) 963-6240

Health Services
(386) 963-6525
Fax: (386) 963-6220

Florida Department of Corrections

Suwannee Correctional Institution

County: Suwannee

Offender Search for this Facility:
Queries may take a long time for facilities with large populations.

Directions: From Live Oak on US-90 go east 7 miles. From Lake City on US 90 go west 16 miles. Facility is 2 miles west of Wellborn.

Historical Information: This facility was established in 2009 and houses adult male inmates. Suwannee Annex and Suwannee Work Camp are under the supervision of the Suwannee CI.

Total Staff (on 4/13/2018):   368

Facility Profile Information: Last updated 04/18

Type of Housing Units for the Main Unit:
Open Bay Housing Units 3
Cell Housing Units 5
Room Housing Units 0
Maximum Capacity 1,418
Other Information:
Population Gender Male
Adult or Youthful Adult and Youthful Offenders (ages 17 and under)
Facility Level 6
Self Contained Housing Units Yes
Designated Confinement Space Yes
Custody Grades Close, Medium, Minimum, Community
Medical Grades 1 through 5
Psychological Grades 1 through 6
Wheelchair Capabilities Yes
Hearing Impaired Capabilities Yes

Academic Programs:

  • Adult Basic Education (Close Management)
  • General Educational Development (Close Management)
  • Special Education Services (Close Management)
  • Voluntary Literacy Program (Main Unit, Work Camp)

Vocational Programs:

  • Plumbing
  • PC Support Services

Substance Abuse Programs:

  • None at this time

Chaplaincy Services:

  • Chapel Library Program
  • Religious Education
  • Worship Services
  • Personal Growth Programs
  • Religious Volunteer Program
  • New Life Behavior Classes
  • Fatherhood Classes

Institutional Betterment Programs:

  • 100-hour Transition Program
  • Law Library Program
  • Library Program

P.R.I.D.E. Assignments:

  • None at this time

Community Work Squads:

Dept. of Transportation No
Public Work Squads Yes (Work Camp)
Interagency Community
Service Work Squads
Yes (Work Camp)
Contracted Work Squads To Be Determined

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