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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Ju;ie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Zephyrhills Correctional Institution
2739 Gall Boulevard
Zephyrhills, Florida

(813) 782-5521
FAX: (813) 780-0134


Jeffrey Trovillion

Chaplain's Office
(813) 782-5521

Florida Department of Corrections

Zephyrhills Correctional Institution

County: Pasco

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Directions: From I-4 take Exit 6 (US-301 North). Institution is on the left (one mile south of Zephyrhills city limits).

Historical Information: This facility was established in the 1930's as a road prison. In 1972 it was converted to a work release center. In 1977 it was converted to a major institution and expanded to house adult male inmates. In October 1999, Zephyrhills CI took on the corrections mental health institution mission.

Total Staff (on 4/13):  257

Facility Profile Information: Last updated 4/13
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Type of Housing Units:
Open Bay Housing Units 3
Cell Housing Units 4
Room Housing Units 2
Maximum Capacity 758
Other Information:
Population Gender Male
Adult or Youthful Adult
Special Accommodations Elderly (50+)
Facility Level 5
Self Contained Housing Units Yes
Designated Confinement Space Yes
Custody Grades Close, Medium, Minimum, Community
Medical Grades 1 through 5
Psychological Grades 1 through 5
Wheelchair Capabilities Yes
Hearing Impaired Capabilities Yes

Academic Programs:

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree Program in Biblical Studies
  • General Educational Development (GED)
  • Master of Theology Degree Program
  • Volunteer Literacy Program

Vocational Programs:

  • None at this time

Substance Abuse Programs:

  • Alcoholic Anonymous(AA)
  • Narcotic Anonymous(NA)

Chaplaincy Services:

  • Chapel Library Program
  • Observance of Holy Days (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist,..)
  • Jehovah Witness services and study
  • Chapel choir and band
  • Intercessory Prayer service
  • Calvary Chapel services
  • Bell Shoals services
  • Church of God in Christ
  • Special events (Christian music from 1st Baptist Lutz choir, Born to Ride ministry, Saints softball, Abe Brown ministries, Interdenominational compound revival program,..)
  • Kairos prison ministry programs
  • Prison Fellowship weekly
  • Religious Counseling
  • Religious Education
  • Introductory Bible class
  • Body of Christ
  • Bound to Christ study
  • God’s blessings in your life class
  • Victory thru Grace study
  • Champions Institute
  • Front line ministries study
  • Creation Institute series class
  • 7th Day Adventist study
  • Spanish Bible study
  • Buddhist study
  • Ratna Peace Initiative
  • Taleem (Islamic studies)
  • T.D. Jakes Satellite Location
  • Sunday worship services – Chapel
  • worship services – Mental Health
  • Catholic services – Mental Health
  • Catholic Mass - Chapel
  • Spanish worship service
  • 7th Day Adventist worship service
  • Pentecostal Worship service
  • Jewish Sabbath – orthodox
  • Jewish Sabbath - Messianic
  • Jumah  worship service (Islamic)

Institutional Betterment Programs:

  • Bold Voices Gavel Club
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Celebrate Recovery Program
  • Financial Recovery Program
  • Florida Ready to Work Program
  • Florida Integrity Training Program
  • Drama Class
  • 100-hour Transition Program
  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Law Library Program
  • Library Program
  • Malachi Dads Program
  • Pre-Release Counseling
  • Veteran's Support Group
  • Thinking for a Change (T4C)
  • Music/Art Program

P.R.I.D.E. Assignments:

  • None at this time

Community Work Squads:

Dept. of Transportation No
Public Work Squads No
Interagency Community
Service Work Squads
Contracted Work Squads No