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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Martin Correctional Institution

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1150 S.W. Allapattah Road
Indiantown, Florida

(772) 597-8100
FAX: (772) 597-3742


D. Elizabeth Mallard

Chaplain's Office
(772) 597-8132

Florida Department of Corrections

Martin Correctional Institution

County: Martin

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Directions: Via I-95 - Take I-95 to Exit 110 (FL-714/Martin Hwy). Merge onto SW Martin Hwy (FL-714). In 5.4 miles, turn Right onto SW Allapattah Rd. In 2.5 miles your destination, Martin Correctional Institution, will be on your Left.
Via Florida’s Turnpike - Take Florida’s Turnpike to Exit 133 (FL-714/Stuart). Turn left onto FL-714 W/SW Martin Hwy. In 11.2 miles turn Right onto SW Allapattah Rd. In 2.5 miles your destination, Martin Correctional Institution, will be on your Left.

Please Note:  GPS systems and mapping sites such as Mapquest, Bing Maps, or Google Maps often provide incorrect directions to our prison facilities using the physical address.  Please use the above directions when traveling to this prison or click the map to the right of this page.

Historical Information: This facility was established in 1985. It was part of the International Exposition Center, which was a joint venture between the Department of Corrections and the Department of Agriculture for the purpose of housing and showing cattle. It now houses adult male inmates. In addition, Martin Correctional Institution has six satellite facilities; Martin Work Camp, Sago Palm Re-entry Center, Loxahatchee Road Prison, West Palm Beach Community Release Center, Atlantic Community Release Center, and Ft. Pierce Community Release Center.

Total Staff (on 3/31):  474

Facility Profile Information: Last updated 4/13
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Type of Housing Units:
Open Bay Housing Units 0
Cell Housing Units 7
Room Housing Units 0
Maximum Capacity 1,509
Other Information:
Population Gender Male
Adult or Youthful Adult
Facility Level 6
Self Contained Housing Units Yes
Designated Confinement Space Yes
Custody Grades Close, Medium, Minimum, Community
Medical Grades 1 through 4
Psychological Grades 1 through 3
Wheelchair Capabilities No
Hearing Impaired Capabilities No

Academic Programs:

  • Adult Basic Education
  • General Educational Development (GED) Readiness

Vocational Programs:

  • Technology Support Services (Only offered at Sago Palm)

Substance Abuse Programs:

  • Yes at Work Release Facilities

Chaplaincy Services:

  • 1st Baptist Coconut Creek
  • 1st Baptist Coconut Creek W\C
  • Agape Saturday
  • Agape Tuesday
  • Apostle Faith
  • Apostle Faith W\C
  • Audio
  • Bible Study W/C
  • Black History Award Ceremony
  • Black History Bible Trivia
  • Black History Meeting
  • Black History Practice
  • Black History Program
  • Catholic Lector Ministry
  • Catholic Mass
  • Catholic Mass PM's
  • Catholic Mass W\C
  • CFO Interview
  • Chanukah
  • Chanukah(Messianic Jewish)
  • Chaplain Johnson Counseling
  • Chaplain Johnson Service
  • Chaplain Varella Study W\C
  • Christian Study
  • Christology
  • Deacon Gellert Bible Study
  • Faithful Few Ministry
  • Faithful Few Ministry W/C
  • Father's Love
  • Fishers of Men
  • Fishers Of Men W/C
  • Flaming Fire
  • Florida Prison Ministry
  • Florida Prison Ministry W\C
  • Greater Love Afternoon
  • Hebrew Israelite
  • Hobe Sound Bible Study
  • Hobe Sound Church
  • Jewish Purim Service
  • Jewish Service
  • Jewish Service W\C
  • Jewish Service(Rabbi Visit)
  • Jewish Service(Rabbi Visit) W\C
  • Jumu'ah Prayer
  • Jumu'ah Prayer W\C
  • Kairos Reunion
  • Kairos Reunion PM'S
  • Library Afternoon
  • Library Morning
  • Library Pm's
  • Library W\C
  • Marriages
  • Memorial Service
  • Messianic Jewish
  • Movie
  • NightLight
  • Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Prayer Group
  • PSL Worship Center
  • Restoration Outreach Ministry
  • Restoration Outreach Ministry W\C
  • Rosary Prayer Group
  • Soul Harvest Outreach
  • Spanish Service
  • Ta'Leen DVD Study
  • Time Of Love
  • Torah DVD Study

Institutional Betterment Programs:

  • Catholic Catechism
  • The Search for Significance
  • AA
  • AA W\C
  • Advance Farm Class
  • Alpha Series
  • Anakainosis
  • Basic Farm Class
  • Basic Life Seminar
  • Black History Talent Show
  • C.A.R.E. CLASS 1
  • C.A.R.E. CLASS 2
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Centering Prayer Meditation Project
  • Creation Science
  • Deacon Don Counseling
  • Domino Tournament
  • Ethical Life
  • Farm Class Pm's
  • Farm Class W\C
  • Farm Program
  • Inside Out
  • Jehovah's Witness
  • Kairos
  • Kairos Retreat
  • LaRed Training
  • Malachi Dads
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Music Theory
  • Rachel's Vineyard
  • Removing Obstacles
  • Restoring Healthy Sexuality
  • Returning Hearts
  • Ristakers for Christ
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • St Dismas Art Program
  • Truth Project W\C
  • Art Of Art
  • Jumpstart to Financial Freedom
  • CDL
  • Criminon
  • Money Management
  • Narcotic Anonymous
  • Quick & Easy Business Wkshop
  • Toastmaster/Gavel Club
  • Truth About Drugs
  • Veteran Transition
  • Dog Program
  • Unbound
  • Criminal I Am
  • Marriage & Parenting
  • AA
  • Managing People
  • Anakanosis
  • Seeking Safety
  • Anger Management

P.R.I.D.E. Assignments:

  • None at this time

Community Work Squads:

Dept. of Transportation Yes
Public Work Squads Yes
Interagency Community
Service Work Squads
Contracted Work Squads Yes