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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Office of the Secretary
Office of Community Corrections

Jenny Nimer, (Interim) Assistant Secretary
Jenny Nimer
Assistant Secretary
of Community

(850) 717-3454

The Office of Community Corrections in Central Office, comprised of 31 employees, assists the administration in carrying out its mission for public safety by providing support, technical assistance, and policy for approximately 2,620 Community Corrections staff in the state. There are two (2) bureaus under the direction of the Office of Community Corrections with the following responsibilities.

Bureau of Interstate Compact and Probation and Parole Field Services

  • Responsible for the statewide administration of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. Reciprocal agreements between Florida and 49 other states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, which allow for the controlled movement and transfer of adult probationers and parolees across state lines for reasons of employment, education, and reunification with family.
  • Develops, implements, revises and monitors supervision programs in the areas of probation, community control, drug offender probation, sex offender probation, conditional release supervision, addiction recovery supervision and pretrial intervention; Provides technical assistance to field staff and responds to inquiries from the public and other criminal justice agencies and entities.
  • Responsible for Community Corrections operational areas including development and updates to statewide Community Corrections rules, policies and forms.
  • Provides maintenance and enhancements to the Offender Based Information System (OBIS database) for all screens, management reports and applications owned by Community Corrections including the risk system, workload formula, automated case review, geographic information system and Court Ordered Payment System (COPS); Serves as help desk to the field for these systems.
  • Acts as liaison for criminal punishment code/ sentencing guidelines, processes statewide Community Corrections offender photographs for the web, and handles requests related to offender records
  • Monitors and coordinates operational review and analysis, formulation and preparation of legislative proposals relating to probation and parole.

Bureau of Community Programs and Victim Services.

  • Develops, implements, revises and monitors programs within the Office of Community Corrections.
  • Provides technical assistance and oversight of the Community Corrections basic recruit academy and coordinate in- service certification and re-certification for active and auxiliary Correctional Probation Officers (CPO) and staff.
  • Absconder unit staff identifies, investigates, tracks and coordinates the apprehension of offenders who abscond from supervision and have outstanding arrest warrants. The absconder unit works in conjunction with state and local law enforcement as well as the probation officers in the field, other Fugitive Units and Task Forces, throughout the Country in locating and apprehending fugitives.
  • Electronic monitoring unit staff provides management and oversight of the statewide electronic monitoring program, which includes both active GPS and Radio Frequency monitoring. Electronic monitoring unit staff is responsible for database maintenance to ensure accuracy and budget compliance related to invoicing from vendors. The electronic monitoring staff conducts equipment audits, contract performance evaluations and act as a help desk to resolve issues associated with electronic monitoring.
  • Victim Services unit staff assist victims of crimes committed by inmates in the Department's custody or under our supervision in the community. The primary function of the unit is to notify victims prior to an inmate's release from incarceration. Victim Services also provides referral services to victims with specific needs, such as counseling, support groups, crimes compensation and crisis intervention. Victim Services serves as the Administrative Office for the Statewide VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) automated service.
Community Corrections Organization Chart

For additional information, including projects and accomplishments:

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