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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Office of Health Services

The Office of Health Services provides comprehensive health care services for inmates. The links available on this page offer additional information about the clinical and administrative programs.

The Office of Health Services fully supports the Department's Re-Entry initiatives by providing prompt and effective care while working collaboratively to plan for the continuity of care to address the physical and mental health needs of offenders transitioning into the community. Mental illness and health issues can pose a significant risk to a successful re-entry, and OHS seeks to assist offenders in overcoming these barriers.

The Department’s Office of Health Services (OHS) coordinates the planning, implementation and provision of health care services at major institutions statewide. OHS is headed by the Assistant Secretary of Health Services and includes directors for each major health services discipline (medical, nursing, pharmacy, mental health, dental, and administration/programs).

The Department executed a contract with Centurion of Florida, LLC on January 29, 2016, for the provision of comprehensive health care services at the remaining institutions in Northern and Central Florida. On June 18, 2017, the Department executed another contract with Centurion of Florida, LLC for coverage in the southern portion of the state. As of today, Centurion is responsible for providing comprehensive health care services statewide.

To contact Centurion about an inmate/patient health care issue at one of these institutions, please email FDCHealthcareInquiries@centurionoffl.com.

Health Care Facts

Nurse and inmate.
Nurse recording
inmate's vital signs.

Psychologist and inmate behind locked door.
Psychologist conducting
mental health interview.

Dentist, dental assistant and inmate.
Dentist and dental assistant
perform exam.

The contractors employ a managed care model to coordinate the provision of care. All inmates are screened at a reception center after intake from the county jail. After this process is completed, inmates are assigned to a “permanent” institution based on their medical and mental health needs and security requirements (inmates are often moved numerous times during incarceration).

Within each major correctional institution, the contractors provide primary care using a core staff of clinicians (physicians, ARNPs, etc.) nurses, mental health and dental professionals and administrators. Services include: health education sick call, periodic screenings, chronic illness clinics, and infirmary care. The health services team provides medical and mental health care in the dorms for inmates who are in confinement. Each health services unit also has a basic urgent services room.

The contractors have subcontracts with a variety of vendors to provide hospitalization and specialty care, as well as ancillary services such as radiology, labs, pathology, dialysis, physical and respiratory therapy.

OHS maintains three regional pharmacies and a pharmacy at the prison hospital at Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler. Most medications are purchased through the Minnesota Multi-State Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP). The regional pharmacies fill orders from the institutions, and nurses distribute the drugs from a secure medication room at each institution. Repackaging is handled through an interagency agreement with the Department of Health.

Under the outsourced model, DOC retains control of bed movement for the hospital and other critical care medical beds, as well as inpatient mental health beds. The contractors have utilization management departments that review all requests for specialty care, ensuring that clinically appropriate care is provided.

The OHS Central Office staff oversees the delivery of health care services and provides technical assistance to the contractors, and handles statewide functions such as policy development, grievance appeals, clinical-legal correspondence, and contract management and monitoring.

The Department has 17 contract monitors (including clinical nurse, mental health, dental and pharmacy monitors, as well as administrative monitors) to ensure Centurion provides health care service in accordance with statutes, rules, procedures, health services bulletins, and the terms and conditions outlined in their contracts. Monitoring is conducted twice per year at each site, at a minimum.

For more information on employment opportunities, visit our Employment Opportunities in Health Services page.

The Florida Department of Corrections has privatized health services for inmates.  If you have any questions regarding an inmate's health care, please use the below email links:

Centurion Phone Contacts

Centurion:  FDCHealthcareInquiries@centurionoffl.com or (844) 474-5952



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