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Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Faith and Character Based Residential Programs

The Faith and Character Based Residential Program (FCB) is an innovative effort to reduce recidivism and disciplinary infractions in correctional institutions by offering faith and character based programming in a positive environment to inmates committed to inner transformation. This initiative offers inmates a variety of activities and classes (both religious and secular) focused on personal growth and character development. The religious preference of the inmate is not one of the eligibility criteria for inmate participation.

Wakulla CIWithout additional cost to the state, this program employs residential clustering to encourage a sense of community among enrolled inmates. Citizen volunteers are utilized to mentor inmates and volunteers teach inmates in an open public forum. Volunteer programming is rich with positive reinforcement designed to help inmates take well-defined steps toward mature and responsible living.

The exciting news is this is already working. As an example, we are starting to see lower disciplinary rates for enrolled inmates.

The Department's Faith and Character Based Residential (FCB) program is currently located at 16 institutions:

Faith and Character Based Residential Program Facilities
  Institution Program Location Beds
Region 1 Gulf Annex J1 & J2 128 beds (male)
Wakulla CI &WC All housing 1,999 beds (male)
Wakulla Annex All housing 1,481 beds (male)
Region 2 Lancaster CI Y dorm 62 beds (males)
Lancaster WC P 35 beds (males)
Lawtey CI All housing 876 beds (males)
Lowell Annex R 86 beds (female)
Union CI J dorm 96 beds (male)
Tomoka CI D1, D2, F1 & F2 228 beds (male)
Region 3 Everglades CI B1 & B2 128 beds (male)
Hernando CI   467 beds (female)
Polk CI A1 & A2 128 beds (male)
April 2013 Expansions Added 789 beds to the FCB Residential program
Region 1 NWFRC Annex L 56 beds (male)
Jackson CI G 168 beds (male)
Region 2 Columbia Annex U-2-(2 of 4 quads) 120 beds (male)
Marion CI A1 80 beds (male)
Region 3 Desoto A1 & A2 143 beds (male)
Okeechobee D 172 beds (male)
Total Beds Female Beds Percentage of Beds Male Beds Percentage of Beds
6,453 553 8.6% 5,900 91.4%

Programs and Activities

The first thing inmates do once they have entered an FCB program is complete a personal growth workbook that is available in English and Spanish. The workbook serves as an introduction to many topics that will be repeated in more detail later in the FCB program. In order to achieve uniformity, classes and activities in the Faith and Character Based Residential Programs have been categorized into the following seven domains.

  1. Living With Purpose - Life Mapping/Attitude Component
  2. Living In Community - Community Functioning Component
  3. Living With Family - Marital/Family Component
  4. Responsible Living - Healthy Choices Component
  5. Living With Accountability - Mentoring Component
  6. Life After Prison - Re-entry Component
  7. Living In Faith - Faith Formation

The following classes are examples of topics that fit into our seven domains and are being used in the FCB Residential program.

Programs and Activities
  • Life Skills classes
  • Personal Faith Formation
  • Commitment to Change
  • Victim Impact: Listen & Learn
  • Parenting
  • Substance Abuse
  • Financial Concepts
  • Houses of Healing
  • Interview & Job Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Computer Literacy
  • Small Business Concepts
  • Journaling
  • Community Meetings

The following programs focus specifically on strengthening Florida's families:

  • Inside Out Dads Curriculum
  • Responsible Motherhood
  • Parenting Piece by Piece
  • Family Days
  • Reading Family Ties
  • Writing Family Ties
  • Marriage Enrichment

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