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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
Close Management

  1. What is Close Management?
    1. Close Management (CM) is confinement of an inmate apart from the general inmate population.
    2. This status is designed to house inmates who commit acts that threaten the safety of others, threaten the security of the institution, or demonstrate an inability to live in the general population without abusing the rights and privileges of others.
    3. The CM system consists of three levels with objective criteria for placement and specific privileges for each level.
      1. Inmates are assigned to the least restrictive level that will meet their management needs.
      2. The inmate is returned to open population as soon as the inmate's behavior and facts of the case suggest the inmate can honor the rights and privileges of the general inmate population.
    4. There are three levels of CM (CM I, CM II, CM III). CM I is the most restrictive cell housing level and CM III is the least restrictive.
      1. Close Management I: Restrictive single cell, single occupancy housing level.
        1. Inmates at this level have committed the most serious violations and are considered extreme security and management risks.
        2. An inmate assigned to CM I is not eligible for a work assignment inside or outside the CM unit.
        3. Privileges are the most restrictive at this close management level.
      2. Close Management II: Restrictive cell housing--may be single or double occupancy.
        1. Inmates at this level have committed serious violations of policy and are considered extreme security and management risks.
        2. Inmates in CM II status are eligible for work assignments in CM I, CM II, death row housing units, and restricted labor squads.
        3. Inmates in this status are afforded more privileges and program opportunities than CM I inmates.
      3. Close Management III: Restrictive double occupancy cell housing.
        1. This is the least restrictive of the three close management levels.
        2. CM III inmates are provided program opportunities outside of their cell housing as a transition phase preparing for their return to the general inmate population.
    5. CM III inmates are eligible for consideration for an institutional work/program assignment outside of their cell housing.
      1. CM III inmates are eligible for work on the restricted labor squad, work inside CM units, or work usually designated for general population inmates.
      2. Work/program assignments and their individual type is based upon the inmate's behavior, CM level, and the need to provide a transition back into open population status.

  2. Why is the inmate in Close Management?

    1. The best source of information as to why an inmate is in Close Management status is the Classification Unit at the inmate's facility.
    2. Use our Directory to locate addresses for Work and Forestry Camps, Road Prisons, Work Release Centers or major institutions.
If you need more information on Close Management, see Rule 33-601.800 Florida Administrative Code, or e-mail us at: central.classification@mail.dc.state.fl.us.

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