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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Detainers

  1. What is a detainer?
    1. A detainer is a warrant placed against an inmate for pending charges from another jurisdiction.

    2. These pending charge(s) are usually from Florida counties and/or out-of-state law enforcement agencies.

    3. A detainer warrant may also be placed against an inmate who has had concurrent or consecutive sentences imposed in other jurisdictions.

    4. A third type of detainer one in which a jurisdiction wants to be notified of an inmate's pending release.

  2. Charges were dropped, why is the detainer still there?
    1. The charging agency has not officially notified the department of the removal of the detainer, or the cancellation is being processed.

    2. Please allow us two work weeks to receive and process the cancellation and post it to our computer database.

If you need more information on Detainers, then e-mail us at: dc.release@mail.dc.state.fl.us.

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