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Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Frequently Asked Questions
about Inmates

Answers to our most frequently asked questions have been grouped into the following general topic areas. Click on any topic to learn more:

Locating an Inmate
  1. What is the fastest and easiest way to find an inmate in the Florida Prison System?
  2. How do I find an inmate's DC number (DC#?)
  3. I have found the person I was looking for, but I do not see the information I wanted. What do I do now?
  4. What does the search result "No Inmates Found" mean?
Writing to an Inmate
  1. How do I write to an inmate?
  2. I need the address or other information about one of the department's institutions or facilities, how do I get it?
  3. Can I send an inmate an e-mail message?
  4. How does an inmate receive books, periodicals (magazine/newsletter), or other publications?
Calling an Inmate
  1. How do I call an inmate?
Inmate Funds & Sending Money
  1. How do I send money to an inmate?
  2. Generally, what items do inmates need to purchase?
  3. My friend has a prison pen pal who asks for money for various reasons. How can I learn more about this pen pal, such as what crime he committed, his release date, etc?
Inmate Visitation
  1. How do I qualify/apply for visitation?
  2. What are the registration and visiting times?
  3. Can I visit on a holiday?
  4. What are the Visitation Rules?
  5. What can/can't I bring?
  6. Is visitation a right?
  7. If I experience a problem during my visitation, whom should I contact?
  8. I have been a pen pal with an inmate for quite awhile. May I visit the inmate?
  9. Who do I contact about visitation?
  10. What about Special Visits?
  11. Who has final authority on visitation?
  1. What is Gaintime?
  2. What are the various types of Gaintime?
  3. I have a question about an inmate's Gaintime. Who should I contact?
Release Dates
  1. How do I find an inmate's release date?
  2. Is the release date showing on the website the actual date the inmate will get out of prison?
  3. Why does his/her release date change?
  4. Can you tell me the exact release date of an inmate?
  5. How do I find detailed information about an inmate's release date?
Work Release
  1. What is work release?
  2. What makes an inmate ineligible for work release?
  3. When is an inmate eligible for community work release, center work assignment (permanent party), and, community-based residential transition treatment (pre-work release)?
  4. How does the department account for the money earned while in work release?
  1. What should I do if I need an inmate's record, but I cannot find it on the website and he was released before October 1997?
  1. What is a detainer?
  2. Charges were dropped, why is the detainer still there?
Death Row
For more information on Death Row, please visit our Death Row Fact Sheet.
Close Management (Confinement)
  1. What is Close Management?
  2. Why is the inmate in Close Management?
  1. Will the department transfer an inmate closer to home to make visitation easier?
  2. How do inmates request a Good Adjustment transfer?
  3. What are the criteria which inmates must meet to be considered for a good adjustment transfer?
  4. I want to be notified of an inmate's transfer. How do I go about making this happen?
  1. What is Custody?
  2. How is an inmate's custody grade changed?
  3. Does custody affect release date, work release, or visitation?
Circumstances of an Inmate's Crime
  1. How do I get information about an inmate's crime?
  1. Who is eligible for parole?
  2. How do I contact the Florida Commission on Offender Review?
Medical & Health
  1. How do I get medical information about an inmate?
Elderly Facilities
  1. Are there facilities for elderly inmates?

Please see Frequently Asked Questions and our publications and statistics menu for this information.

Chaplaincy Services
  1. Can inmates in Florida Prisons get married?
  2. Can inmates receive visits from family clergy?
  3. Does every Florida prison have a chaplain?
  4. How can I get a message about a family emergency to a family member in prison?
  5. Can I send an inmate a religious book or publication?
  6. Can inmates have a religious medallion?
  7. What do religious volunteers do?
  8. How can I become a religious volunteer?
  9. What is the Faith and Character Based program?
  10. How does an inmate get into a faith and character based residential institution?
  11. I am interested in becoming a Chaplain. What is needed?

Youthful Offender Facilities

  1. What facilities house youthful offenders?

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