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Florida Corrections:  Centuries of Progress

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1921 continued

Clarence Martin
DC#: 14793
Name: Clarence Martin
Date Received: 12/8/1921
Age: 20
Offense: Breaking & Entering
Date Sentenced: 12/3/1921
County: Escambia
Sentence Imposed: 2 years
Release: 10/4/1923
sentence expiration

Clarence Martin, at age 20, enters the prison system for the first time. He will come and go a total of nine times before his final release from prison in 1972. Clarence was born in Greenwood, South Carolina to a family of 12 children. His father died when he was 12 years old. He says he has a fourth grade education and has spent much of his childhood years working on the family farm and as a hired farm hand to other local farmers. He is not yet married.

In 1921 Clarence is one of 595 men and women admitted to prison. He is also one of 27 prisoners admitted from Escambia County and one of 224 black men and women admitted. (Sixty percent of those admitted to prison in 1921 were black.) He was one of 161 admitted for the offense of breaking and entering. More than one fourth (27%) of all prisoners admitted that year had committed the crime of breaking and entering. Today drug offenses account for most prison admissions.

Group of Men
Employers come to prison in search of cheap labor for mines, forests, and lumber yards.

Four inmates standing together in striped uniforms
Convicts leased to harvest timber. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

State Farm at Raiford
Aerial view of the State Prison Farm at Raiford in the early 1920s. Click image for larger view.

State Farm at Raiford entrance
Enlarged view from above photo of the entrance at the State Prison Farm at Raiford.

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