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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Florida Corrections:  Centuries of Progress

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Inmate population
December 31, 1937:

Horizontally striped prison uniforms are discontinued. Legislature agrees they could be made until the material runs out, which is in 1938. Uniforms with a single strip down the outside leg continue for several more years.

Inmates standing in line with their hands on their waists.
Inmates in horizontally striped prison uniforms.

PRISONERS LIKE MEAT - TALLAHASSEE - On the monthly menu at the State Prison Farm at Raiford is 58,540 pounds of meat. Inmates also consume approximately 500 pounds of seasoning a month as well as 4,600 pounds of Irish potatoes, 3,000 pounds of rice and 5,000 pounds of sugar.

Inmates in prison uniforms sitting in chairs with musical instruments.
1937-1938 Prison Band. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

27 AUGUST 1937

JULY PRISON RECORD - Supt. L. F. CHAPMAN said yesterday seven inmates died, one was paroled and fifteen were pardoned at the Florida State Prison, Raiford, during July. Twenty-six others completed their sentences and were released during the month. The superintendent stated 101 prisoners were committed to the institution during the month. At the end of the month the prison population was 1,497.


RAIFORD TO HAVE LIGHTS - The Florida Power and Light Company will soon extend its service to include the town of Raiford, it was stated this week in a communication received from Senator Charley E. JOHNS, who has made several trips to Miami in an effort to have this service started.

Inmate population
December 31, 1938:
Classes at a Correctional Institution.
Early education classes at Raiford were held in the largest rooms available.


Inmate population
December 31, 1939:

The Arcadia Road Prison is built. This wooden structure is later replaced (in August 1963) with concrete block construction.

Prison administrators begin keeping more extensive statistical records on inmates. In addition to the usual race, gender, offense type, and sentence categories, they added more personal characteristics. Some of the new categories included: "Age at which the inmate left home," "Venereal Diseases," "Admitted Vices" and "Special Abilities." Special Abilities included boxing, acting and playing baseball, for example. Information on marital status, number of siblings and children, religious affiliation, citizenship and military service is also recorded.

Several building among palm trees.
Florida State Road Prison No. 8549, located in Ft. Lauderdale. (Click for larger view of this September 9, 1939 photo.)

Women's Ward at Raiford in the 1930s
Women's Ward at Raiford in the 1930s. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

Woman assembling shirts in the sewing rom
Woman assembling shirts in the sewing room. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

Thirteen men, 12 in baseball uniforms another (unidentified) in a suit.
This Raiford Prison baseball team set a new record with 52 consecutive scoreless innings. Players: 1. Steve Jenkins, 2. Tom Gowan, 3. C. Daugherty, 4. Lefty Ellisington, 5. Ben Craft, 6. Chappie, 7. Manager Ritch, 8. Tex Hayes, 9. Robert Fritz, 10. Bob Harrison, 11. W. Jabolonsky, 12. Robert Walton. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

Inmates in exercise yard
The center of inmate social activity took place in the center court of the Main Unit (Florida State Prison at Raiford), known as "The Rock."

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