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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Florida Corrections:  Centuries of Progress

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Inmate population
December 31, 1955:

Flag at half staff with DC BadgeAssistant Superintendent James G. Godwin was shot and killed during an escape attempt by inmate George Arthur Heroux at Florida State Prison on April 4, 1955. Louie Wainwright (who would later be Secretary of the Department of Corrections), Lawrence E. Dugger (whose son would later be Secretary of the Department of Corrections, replacing Wainwright) and Correctional Officer Les Dobbs were in the group that was attacked by this inmate (who had a gun smuggled in by a female visitor). The inmate was trying to flee through the main gate when he encountered the small entourage of staff in his way. He was able to fire a few rounds, one of which wounded Wainwright, another injured Dobbs and another killed Godwin. The inmate was subdued and later died in prison.

Photo of Officer Godwin.
Assistant Superintendent
James G. Godwin

Man sitting in horse drawn buggy in front of two story wood house.
J.G. Godwin was shot and killed during an escape attempt. This photo shows Asst. Superintendent Godwin with his favorite horse, named Dan. (Photo courtesy of Bradford County Telegraph.)

Wainwright laying on back in hospital bed with woman sitting on left.
On April 4, 1955 Louie Wainwright was shot by inmate George A. Heroux during an attempted escape. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

Dobbs laying onside in hospital bed with nurse sitting on left.
Officer Les D. Dobbs was also shot by inmate Heroux during the attempted escape. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

Newspaper headline reads Two Dade Policemen, Held Hostage, Capture Gunman.
George Heroux, on the FBI's ten most wanted list, was captured on July 25, 1952 as told in this Florida Times Union article. Click image for larger view. (Newspaper image courtesy of FPC.)

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