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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Bureau of Internal Audit

The mission of the Bureau of Internal Audit is to assist the secretary and the department in ensuring agency goals are met; all resources are used consistent with laws, regulations and policy; to safeguard against waste, loss, and misuse of resources; and to provide reliable data to administrators relative to non-compliance with established laws, regulations, and policy in order to mitigate agency risk.

During FY 1994-95 the Bureau issued 16 audit reports. The areas audited included:

  • Nine Inmate Welfare Trust Funds:
    • Century Correctional Institution
    • Madison Correctional Institution
    • Walton Correctional Institution
    • Columbia Correctional Institution
    • Martin Correctional Institution
    • Charlotte Correctional Institution
    • Lancaster Correctional Institution
    • Hillsborough Correctional Institution
    • Cross City Correctional Institution
  • Three Court Ordered Payment Systems:
    • Gainesville P & P Office
    • Largo P & P Office
    • Plantation P & P Office
  • One Employee Benefit Trust Fund:
    • Union Correctional Institution
  • Three Statewide Audits:
    • Inmate Grievance Procedure
    • Position utilization of Correction Inspectors
    • Pharmacy Inventories
  • Management Reviews:

    In 1991, the Department’s Management Review Program was temporarily discontinued in order to revise the process. In 1993, a task force, appointed by the Secretary, developed a new comprehensive review process that was initially intended to be regionally administered but was later reassigned to the Office of the Inspector General.

    In October, 1994, the new management review process was initiated and during the first nine months of operation, the Bureau of Internal Audit coordinated the activities associated with 34 team reviews and 45 self-inspections. This included a team review of 21 major institutions; the future plan is to do a team review of each institution on a biannual basis.

    In May, 1995, a management review revision committee was appointed to review and recommend changes to the management review manual. This committee was also asked to recommend procedural changes to the management review process that would make it operate more effectively and efficiently. It is anticipated that a revised management review manual will be disseminated by November, 1995.

  • Hot Line Complaints:

    The OIG processes all hot-line complaints received from the Comptroller’s Office. During 1994-95, 162 complaints were responded to. These fell into four main categories:

    Complaints against staff
    Complaints about agency policies
    Alleged misuse of state resources or property
    Cost savings suggestions

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