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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


  • Peformance Measures — The Department of Corrections is required to submit its 1998-99 Legislative Budget Request by September 1, 1997 in a performance based budgeting format. In order to address this process early on, the Office of the Inspector General, together with representatives from budget, planning, programs, etc., will begin development of program identification and performance measurement in October, 1995. A draft proposal is anticipated by Spring, 1996.
  • Staff Training — Enhanced training for all professional staff will be stressed in the upcoming year. Specific training in report writing, investigative techniques, interviewing techniques, personal computer programs, and internal audit standards will be made a priority.
  • Refocus of Internal Audit — A major goal for 1995-96 will be to redirect audit resources towards the areas of greatest risk versus historical emphasis on inmate welfare fund audits. This will include a statewide risk assessment based on management’s input of what needs to be audited, the dollar value of each department activity, its susceptibility to fraud or abuse, etc. A short term as well as a five year work plan will then be developed.
  • Streamline Activities — Utilization of computer programs to generate a data base for management reviews; develop “canned” programs for the management review process and internal audits as applicable; and develop guidelines for the writing of investigative reports.

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