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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Infrastructure Replacement

Issue Code: 24010C0
Program: Department Administration
Title: Infrastructure Replacement
Amount: $1,232,300

The department is requesting funds to replace institutional servers statewide and update the Local Area Network (LAN) for Community Corrections as recommended by the MGT report.

Currently the department supports 114 institutional servers statewide all of which are operating below standard processing and memory specifications for improved server software and will not run the latest server operating system. Central office has 20 servers that fall into this category. All of these server systems are in need of replacement. These servers cannot run current versions of the Windows operating system, which represents security concerns and prohibits us from deploying the latest advances in security and productivity software. Microsoft ceased providing security patches and updates for these obsolete systems in December of 2004. The currently supported Windows 2003 operating system also improves support by facilitating remote management of servers. This would allow the central office server team to help troubleshoot field server problems.

At the same time the department maintains servers of varying sizes and age in over 140 Community Corrections sites. They have a total file capacity of approximately 5.5 terabytes consisting mostly of word processing documents, small image files, e-mail archive files and provide for print drivers, virus and patch management. All have become obsolete and are unable to run Windows Server 2003 or join the Department's Active Directory thus presenting serious security concerns. LAN controllers will be utilized to push updates to PC's and facilitate network printing. Files and other data will be written locally and replicated to a Storage Area Network (SAN) located in the Corrections Data Center for disaster recovery purposes. Centralized storage management via SAN will enhance the department's disaster recovery capabilities. Updated LAN controllers will facilitate remote management and reduce staff travel time and expense.

The department’s plan is to replace 50% of the servers in FY 2007-08 and the other 50% the following year. This issue is phased in over a two year period due to the size and complexity of the network and current staffing patterns. Training will be required to upgrade Central Office and Field Support Staff technical knowledge of the new operating system features.

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