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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Canteen Contract Monitors

Issue Code: 4001060
Program: Security and Institutional Operations
Title: Canteen Contract Monitors
Amount: $393,660
FTE: 5

The Department of Corrections currently has a contract for the operation of the inmate canteens located within the confines of correctional facilities. This includes compound, visiting park and satellite facility canteens as well as providing canteen items to inmates housed in close management and confinement areas. In addition, the contractor must also provide quarterly clothing request.

The department established a bi-annual monitoring schedule and assigned one employee to conduct site visits at each facility. This employee served as a liaison between the contractor's staff and the department staff to assist and resolve daily canteen/warehouse space assigned to the contractor and verification of all contract requirements. A written report documenting the findings was completed and submitted to the Contract Manager. The contractor was not responsible to provide any written responses for the non-compliant findings. Any serious non-compliant issues identified at the time of the site visit were reported to the Contract Manager and corrective action was taken when both parties reached an agreement. Comparing the orders submitted by the contractor's staff to their suppliers and matched to the receiving reports checked the menu fill rates. This procedure established the contractor failed to provide all items required for the menu and confirmed that many items were only purchased if the contractor could make a "Special Purchase" from a specific manufacturer. It was also determined that many times new menu items were not shipped to the facilities for months after the new menu was approved and posted.

The department realizes the lack of regulatory procedures in the original contact and has posted ITB #06-DC-7717. In this contract, the department has established a "Monthly" contract-monitoring schedule for each facility canteen with written reports to be provided to the contractor, and a Corrective Action Plan to be returned by the contractor to the Contract Manager within a specific time frame. Any failure by the Contractor to achieve any standard listed in the ITB may result in the assessment of liquidated damages. The following are a few of the areas of the contract that must be verified by the contract monitor on a monthly basis.

The Contractor shall:

  • Maintain staffing at each major facility (hours of work to be established by the warden)
  • Pay for phone lines (outside and lines to canteens)
  • Provide office equipment and supplies
  • Provide all warehouse receiving and delivery equipment
  • Provide bags for Close Management inmate deliveries
  • Maintain a minimum of 98% of the canteen menu in each facility canteen (canteens at each facility, minimum of 1, maximum 10)
  • Provide a formal Corrective Action Plan within 10 days of receipt of the department's monitoring report.

At this time, there are 360 canteens located throughout the state that must be monitored on a monthly basis. It is no longer feasible for one employee to perform all of the duties required to comply with the stipulations of this contract. The department is requesting 5 positions to be allocated for the monitoring of this contract. Each of these positions will require office space, office equipment, laptop computer, cell phone and a vehicle for travel.

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