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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Desktop Refresh

Issue Code: 36280C0
Program: Department Administration
Title: Desktop Refresh
Amount: $900,000
FTE: None

The Department of Corrections requests funding to upgrade 750 aging personal computers. The department currently has 17,083 personal computers in service. Over the course of several years, the department has received over 3,000 donated personal computers from other agencies. These donated personal computers were discarded by other agencies due to their technology refresh policies. Although used, these computers offer better capabilities than the department-owned personal computers that they replaced.

In addition to the personal computer request, the department is requesting funding to replace approximately 500 printers. There are currently 4,387 network printers in use and many are over 10 years old. The department is currently spending over $500,000 on printer maintenance contracts. New printers will reduce maintenance costs as well as lost productivity when printers fail.

Currently, the department has a software assurance agreement with Microsoft Corporation. The software assurance costs the department $1,879,680 a year. One of the benefits of the software assurance agreement from Microsoft is the department is entitled to the latest version of Desktop Operating Systems and the latest version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft's current operating system is Windows Vista and the latest version of Microsoft Office is Office 2007. The department's standard desktop operating system is Windows XP and Office 2003. The hardware requirements for both Windows Vista and Office 2007 exceed the capabilities of many of the department's personal computers.

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