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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Results and Analysis

RPC Objective # 2 - Reduce the average duration of time inmates spend in CM prior to release to open population, as compared to a like control group.

Table 2 - Results Related to RPC Program Objective # 2
Average Days Spent in CM Per Inmate
and Total Days Spent in CM per Group
Pre-RPC Group
(From 9/1/1999
Through 8/31/2000)
RPC Group
(From 9/1/2000
Through 8/31/2001)
(A) Began in CM 3 Avg. Days = 192.0
Total Days = 37,827
Avg. Days = 251.3
Total Days = 52,278
(B) Began in
CM 1 or CM 2
Avg. Days = 349.2
Total Days = 187,186
Avg. Days = 246.4
Total Days = 146,375
(C) Began in
CM 1, CM 2, or CM 3
(All CM Inmates)
Avg. Days = 307.0
Total Days = 225,013
Avg. Days = 247.7
Total Days = 198,653

The salient points in examining the results of the RPC based on Program Objective # 2 are, as follows:

  • For all CM inmates (Category C), the success of the RPC program in meeting PO # 2 can be seen in that the RPC Group inmates spent on the average about 60 fewer days in CM (247.7) compared to those in the Pre-RPC Group (307.0). Most of this reduction was due to shorter average stays in CM 1 or CM 2 (Category B) for the RPC Group (246.4 compared to the Pre-RPC Group [349.2]).
  • Average days and total days spent in CM status were both actually higher for the RPC Group versus the Pre-RPC Group for Category A (in CM 3). This 'longer average stay' for CM 3 inmates was due to the RPC requirement that CM 3 inmates had to stay in CM 3 status for a minimum of the 7-month duration of the RPC program, plus any existing time already spent in CM 3 prior to implementation of RPC. Note - In subsequent years, the average number of days spent in CM3 status should be about the same length as the number of days of the program.

CONCLUSION - The RPC Program Objective # 2 to reduce the average duration of time inmates spend in CM prior to release to open population was met to a high degree.

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