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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Results and Analysis

RPC Objective # 6 -- Reduce positive drug test rates of CM program participants compared to a like control group.

Table 6 - Results Related to RPC Program Objective # 6
Reduce Number of
Positive Drug Tests
Pre-RPC Group
(From 9/1/1999
Through 8/31/2000)
RPC Group
(From 9/1/2000
Through 8/31/2001)
(A) Began in CM 3 2 0
(B) Began in
CM 1 or CM 2
1 0
(C) Began in
CM 1, CM 2, or CM 3
(All CM Inmates)
3 0

The key point in examining the results of the RPC based on Program Objective # 6 is, as follows:

  • For each category, RPC Group inmates had no positive drug tests while the Pre-RPC Group had 3 positive drug tests across all CM inmates (Category C).

CONCLUSION - The RPC Program Objective # 6 to reduce positive drug test rates of CM program participants was met. With so few cases, a definite conclusion in terms of the degree to which this objective was met can not be determined as this time.

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