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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

for the Future

  • Photo of inmates with instructor writing on easel. Develop model to determine future fixed capital outlay and operations needs as related to population increases based on custody level and housing requirements.

  • Expand use of electronic classrooms statewide.

  • Create automated close management and protective management systems to streamline reviews for state classification process. Complete consolidation of the male close management population to three institutions, to ensure maximum access to services and programming while minimizing costs.

  • Implement plans for developmentally disabled inmates to insure they receive protection within the system, appropriate programming opportunities and assistance in developing release plans.

  • Implement statutory requirements outlined in Senate Bill 912 Criminal Rehabilitation Act that authorizes major expansions in transition assistance for inmates. Contribute to the reduction of recidivism through the continued expansion of faith-based programs and increased use of volunteer mentors in all areas of the institution including confinement.

  • Photo of Correctional Officer and inmate opening prison hallway door. Complete the automation and implementation of the following classification processes: Administrative Confinement placement and review; Close Management placement and review; Protective Management placement and review; and the progress report process, all of which will assist in inmate case management and administrative monitoring.

  • Improve cashless canteen inventory system to include standardized pricing and centralized inventory management.

  • Amend F.S. 945.215 to increase weekly inmate draw from $45 to an amount specified by the Secretary to be expended for personal use on canteen and vending machine items.

  • Recommend videotaping court hearings of Jimmy Ryce inmates who will appear on camera from prison, reducing the cost to the Department of Children and Families.

  • Amend Chapter 944.31 to give the Secretary authority to designate inspectors within the Office of the Inspector General as sworn law enforcement officers. This action will streamline the departmentís investigative process and reduce the need for outside law enforcement to respond to internal DC matters, particularly in the area of making arrests.
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