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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


According to Florida Statute 20.315(5), "The department shall report annually to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives recounting its activities and making recommendations for improvements to the performance of the department." The following accomplishments and recommendations are provided to fulfill those requirements.

2002 Highlights and

Photo of inmate being handcuffed.
  1. Managed 73,553 incarcerated felons and supervised 153,477 offenders on probation and parole (figures as of June 30, 2002). Admitted 26,049 new inmates and carried out the lawful release of 26,299 from the department's custody while ensuring that statutory requirements were met. The majority of these releases, 16,283 (61.9%), were released by expiration of their sentence, followed by conditional release, 4,638 (17.6%) and expiration of sentence to probation/community control, 4,494 (17.1%).

  2. Reduced the number of inmate on staff assaults by 6.4%.

  3. Implemented the first phase of close management consolidation at Florida State Prison. The consolidation concentrates those felons who present behavior management problems in fewer institutions, thereby reducing security costs and enhancing safety at other institutions.

  4. Collected $85,236,801 in court-ordered obligations from offenders, with $31,708,871 of this going to victims of crime as restitution.

  5. Inmates released in FY 2001- 02 served an average of 82.8% of their sentences compared to 34.0% ten years ago. It should be noted that offenders with offense dates on or after October 1, 1995 are required by law to serve a minimum of 85% of their court-imposed sentence.

  6. There were no escapes from secure institution perimeters in the last year. In addition, the statewide absconder population was reduced by 4.6%.

  7. Community work squads performed 4,020,087 hours of work valued at more than $46.9 million. Additionally, work squads under the supervision of the Florida Department of Transportation worked 2,024,737 hours valued at $14,880,583. The total program costs were $28 million, providing taxpayers of Florida a net benefit of $33 million. Work included local, county and state roadway and right of way work, public works, grounds and building maintenance, litter removal and construction projects.

  8. DC staff contacted over 36,000 victims of crime. Contact includes counseling and notifying victims of an offender's release eligibility, actual release, transfer or death. Secured a contract to expand the VINE automated victim notification service to include offenders released from county jails.

  9. Implemented HB1289, requiring the department to test all inmates for HIV/AIDS not less than 60 days prior to their release. The department provides HIV-positive inmates with transitional assistance and individualized discharge plans, along with a 30-day supply of medications. The department also notifies the Department of Health and relevant county health departments.

  10. Implemented the Career Offenders Act passed by the 2002 Legislature.

  11. Began automatic transfer of probation status records to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, augmenting FDLE criminal records. The transfer enables law enforcement officials direct access to over 200,000 probation records in order to identify potential perpetrators and solve crimes. We are the first state to be able to enter probation records into national files from our online system.

  12. Centralized and automated the inmate banking system, providing faster processing and eliminating the need for 52 positions statewide for an annual $1.35 million cost avoidance.Photo of two correctional officers working on a computer.

  13. Consolidated pharmacies into four clusters with a cost avoidance of $6.7 million.

  14. Became the first state agency certified by TruSecure, meeting all established information technology security requirements.

  15. Requested and received legislative authority to permit the Secretary to designate inspectors within the Inspector General's Office as sworn law enforcement officers with arrest authority.

  16. Privatized food services statewide, making Florida the largest state to turn to private industry for this service. Exceeded our goal for expenditures with certified minority vendors by $10.9 million.

  17. Awarded 1,588 inmates GED certificates in FY 2001- 02.

  18. Established six new faith-based prison dormitories and implemented the faith-based substance abuse transitional housing program, consisting of 400 beds at 36 locations. Among the transition services provided are substance abuse relapse prevention; guidance in job search and retention skills; assistance with obtaining meaningful, gainful employment and assistance in developing linkages to services in the community.

  19. Provided substance abuse programs to 15,397 inmates and 46,965 offenders on probation.

  20. Created first private/public partnership with Ford Motor Company, for training female inmates. Received $1 million federal grant for re-entry services to released inmates returning to Palm Beach County over the next few years.


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