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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Results of
Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE)
For Correctional Education (CE)
Students in FY 2001-02

Purpose: As per Section 944.801(3)(f), F.S., this page summarizes the average change in literacy levels of CE students from July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002.

Methodology: TABE tests administered to students during FY 2001-02 were scored using TestMate and the Advanced Module of the TestMate System (test scoring and reporting system). Inmate names and DC numbers were used to track those who had both pretest and posttest scores during this period. This summary includes all inmate students who, during this period, had at least one matched set of scores (pretest and posttest scores) in at least one subject area. A total of 3,623 students had matched scores for all three of the subject areas (Total Battery) of Reading, Language, and Total Mathematics. The total sets of matched scores for each subject area were: (a) 3,956 for Reading, (b) 3,949 for Language, and (c) 4,423 for Total Mathematics.

Results: The three charts below show the average gains made in each subject in terms of grade equivalents (GE), scale scores, and normal curve equivalents (NCE), respectively. To be included, students had to have both pretest and posttest. Gain was made in all three subject areas and for total battery. For an average of three months of instruction, the overall (total battery) gain was four months (.4) in GE scores. This translates to an average of an 11-point increase in scale scores and a gain of three points for the Normal Curve Equivalent Scores.

Gains Expressed in Grade Equivalents, Scale Scores, and Normal Curve Equivalents
Reading (N=3,956), Language (N=3,949), Total Math (N=4,423), Total Battery (N=3,623)

Over 1,500 Inmates
Earned GED's in FY 2001-02

  • 1,424 inmates earned GED certificates while in the Florida prison system in FY 2001-02. An additional 164 had their GED's verified while in Florida prisons, meaning they earned their GED's elsewhere such as contract drug facilities, county jails or from other states.

  • The number who enrolled in GED courses during the fiscal year was 2,661, and the completion rate for the year was 54%.

  • 27,961 inmates participated in 28,537 courses during the fiscal year. "Number of courses" and "number of inmates" are different for adult education and vocational counts, since it is possible for a given inmate to be involved in more than one course in either program during the year.

  • Note that none of the counts in these charts include program participation or certificates earned at private facilities.

Change in Inmate Literacy Levels

FY 2001-02 GED and Vocational Certificates Awarded
Type of Award Locations GED Certificates Awarded Vocational Certificates Awarded Total Certificates Awarded
Correctional Institutions 1,291 2,735 4,026
Other DC Facilities* 133 15 148
Non-DC Entities** 164 0 164
Total 1,588 2,750 4,338
* Other DC includes work release centers, work/forestry camps, road prisons and boot camps. ** Non-DC includes contract drug facilities, counties, and other states.

Participation in Correctional Education Classes in FY 2001-02
Enrollments* Mandatory Literacy Adult Basic Education GED Vocational Total
Number of Courses 5,644 12,304 2,661 7,928 28,537
Number of Inmates 5,644 12,304 2,661 7,352 27,961***
Number of Courses 2,678 885 1,424 2,750 7,737***
Number of Inmates 2,678 885 1,424 2,432 7,419***
Other Exits**
Number of Courses 2,245 9,591 1,482 4,012 17,330***
Number of Inmates 2,245 9,591 1,482 3,711 17,029***
* "Enrollments" includes inmates enrolled as of 7/1/01 and new enrollments through 6/30/02.
** "Completions" and "Other Exits" are from 7/1/01 through 6/30/02.
*** Inmates who participated in Mandatory Literacy, Adult Basic Education, GED and Vocational courses get counted for participation in all four programs.
"Completions" are defined as a CMP, ATT or CXS code on the DC32 screen for MLP and ABE participants, a GED certificate for course "9900026" participants, and a vocational certificate for vocational program participants.
"Other exits" are defined as any exit code on the DC 32 screen except for ATT, CXS and CMP.

This section of the 2001-02 Annual Report is also provided as an Adobe Acrobat file. Acrobat Reader, a free program is required. Download the two-page section (811K PDF file) for printing or viewing.

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