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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

for the Future

  • Photo of inmates...Increase prison capacity to meet needs outlined in the Criminal Justice Estimating Conference projections. Continue close management consolidation at Charlotte and Santa Rosa correctional institutions.

  • Expand use of distance education to bring improvement classes to more inmates. Seek and secure continued funding for the "Reading Family Ties" program for female offenders and their families and expand similar programs in male institutions.

  • Deploy passive electronic monitoring devices and implement the "Crime Trax" concept with local law enforcement. We should examine the use of new technology to allow staff to access and update offender data when not in an office setting as well as obtain software to aid in the tracking of offenders.

  • Identify and install new mobile computing technology for probation officers statewide.

  • Develop increased web services data sharing to meet requests from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and the courts. This service will allow authorized requestors to query a secure web site to collect offender data, freeing department staff from this increasing burden.

  • Continue crossover training for inspectors from correctional officer to law enforcement officer certification with a goal of all inspectors being law enforcement certified by 2004. We should continue enhancement to the investigation data system (IGLOGS) by interfacing with human resource database to insure proper identification and tracking of witnesses, complainants and subjects.

  • Improve the accessibility and usefulness of DCWEB and the public website by further integrating data and information from Health Services, Transitional Services, the Inspector General's Office and Personnel.

  • Pilot the use of Tele-Medicine, an enhanced, electronic technology transmitting healthcare symptoms and signs from patients at remote locations. A clinician will perform assessments and determine preliminary patient needs while also formulating a treatment process. This will reduce transportation and associated costs for security, administrative staff, and other resources presently being consumed at a rate that threatens the availability of sufficient funds for these areas.

  • Photo of inmates...Develop automated tracking system for all disciplinary actions from oral reprimands to dismissals department-wide. Implement the Bureau of Inmate Grievance's newly developed logging/tracking system throughout the state. This access to data entered at the institutional level eliminates the need for institutional staff to manually prepare monthly reports and provides the institutions with the same capabilities to track and analyze data.

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