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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Supervision/Population

Total Prior Commitments
by Type of Supervision

(Supervision Population on June 30, 2002)

Probation: 110,383

Prior=24.8%; No Prior=62.5%; Prior Prison=2.2%; Both Prior Prison & supervision=10.5%
Probation is the single largest category of community supervision, comprising 72.0% of all offenders on supervision. More than half (62.5%) of those on community supervision on June 30, 2002 for probation had no prior commitments to either state prison in Florida or supervision.

Drug Offender Probation: 15,255

Prior=41.6%; No Prior=39.4%; Prior Prison=1.2%; Both Prior Prison & supervision=17.8%
Of those on Drug Offender probation on June 30, 2002, an almost equal percentage of offenders had either no prior commitments (39.4%) or prior supervision commitments only (41.6%).

Community Control: 13,279

No Prior=31.8%; Prior=49.0%; Prior Prison=1.8%; Both Prior Prison & supervision=17.4%
Almost half (49.0%) of the offenders on community control on June 30, 2002 had prior commitments to supervision only, and (31.8%) had no prior supervision or prior Florida state prison commitments.

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