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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Supervision: CPOs

CPOs Supervise More Than
152,000 Offenders

The Bureau of Probation & Parole Field Services is responsible for developing, implementing, revising and monitoring programs in the areas of probation and other field supervision operations, sentencing scoresheets, probation and parole databases, court-ordered payments, and sexual offenders/predators. Employees in this bureau are also responsible for developing policy for over 3,800 staff members, including over 2,600 probation officers and supervisors. Along with supervising more than 152,000 offenders requiring community supervision, correctional probation officers (CPOs) are required to collect the following fees from offenders, when applicable: cost of supervision, victim restitution, court fines and costs. CPOs are also required to conduct more than 267,000 investigations each year, including pre and post sentence investigations and other state investigations.

The Fugitive Apprehension Coordination Team (FACT), implemented in 2001, has assisted in reducing the number of outstanding warrants for probation/parole violators by more than 7%. This unit has accomplished this by working closely with field staff, local, state and federal law enforcement authorities and the public through an Absconder/Fugitive Search Web Site where the public can call or e-mail tips about absconders’ whereabouts. This page is located at and contains information regarding absconders including photos, when available.

In FY 2002-03, the Office of Community Corrections provided specialized training opportunities for all staff in areas such as Search and Seizure Techniques, Supervision of Sex Offenders, Supervision of Female Offenders and Officer Safety and Survival training. Long distance training over the Department’s intranet continues to be utilized to allow officers to complete training as their schedule permits, thus increasing time spent by staff on supervision activities.

Chapter 948, Florida Statutes references the following caseload ratios for probation officers with the exception of “Community Supervision” and “Sex Offender Supervision.” Per Florida Statute, offenders placed on “Sex Offender Probation” are to receive intensive supervision, hence the 40:1 caseload ratio. The “Community Supervision” ratio is based on the number of offenders on probation and the number of officers available to supervise the population. The statewide average caseloads for each of the supervision categories are maintained at or below the stated ratios below.

Correctional Probation Officer
Caseloads for FY 2002-03
Community Control 25:1
Community Supervision 69:1
Sex Offender Supervision 40:1
Post Prison Release Supervision 40:1
Drug Offender Probation 50:1

Payments Collected During FY 2002-03
Total $82,810,769*
Victim Restitution: $31,355,109 (37.9%) | Cost of Supervision: $24,721,634 (29.9%) | Fines and Court Costs: $16,157,941 (19.5%) | Other Court Ordered Payments: $10,556,776 (12.7%) | Subsistence: $19,309 (0.0%)

* Community Corrections also collects other costs (crimes compensation, electronic monitoring, drug testing fees, surcharge and others).

This section of the 2002-03 Annual Report is also provided as an Adobe Acrobat file. Acrobat Reader, a free program is required. Download the 1 page section (50K PDF file) for printing or viewing.

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