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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Michael D. Crews

Florida Department of Corrections
Timothy H. Cannon, Interim Secretary

Inmate Releases and Time Served

Facts about Time Served...

  • The 26,599 inmates who were released from prison in FY 2002-03 served an overall average of 37.7 months or 83.7% of their court-imposed sentences.

  • In the last month of the fiscal year (June 2003), offenders released from Florida’s prisons were serving an average of 84.5% of their court-imposed sentences. (Offenders with offense dates on or after October 1, 1995 are required to serve a minimum of 85% of their court-imposed sentence prior to their release.)

  • The average percentage of sentence served for released offenders has increased significantly in the last eight years, from 65.3% in June 1996 to 84.5% in June 2003.

Type of Release From Prison in FY 2002-03
(Total = 26,599)
Expiration of Sentence = 62.2% (6,542); Expiration of Sentence to Probation/CC = 17.6% (4,679); Conditional Release = 16.4% (4,375) Sentence Vacated = 1.4% (363)

Average Percentage of Sentence Served
Over Eight Years
Both Violent and All Offenders increase from:  Violent = 66.1% in June 1996 and 81.3% in June 2003; All Offenders = 65.3% in June 1996 and 84.5% in June 2003

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