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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Institutional Drug Programs

Institutional Drug Programs

  • The pie chart below shows that of those inmates participating in Substance Abuse programs in FY 2004-05, 50.9% received treatment services.

  • The bar chart below shows that for those inmates released in FY 2002-03 who had been in Substance Abuse treatment programs, 67.6% of those who successfully completed Outpatient (Modality 1) programs and 67.8% who completed Therapeutic Community (Modality 2) programs have had no recommitment to a Florida state prison or supervision within two years after release.
Total Inmates Participating in
Institutional-Based Substance Abuse Programs - FY 2004-05 Total = 12,422

Programing Center (3.5%), Modality 2 (9.4%), Modality 1 (38.0%), Readiness/Alumni/Prevention (49.1%)

Recommitment Rates Within Two Years
After Release (in FY 2002-03)
for Successful Completions of Inmate Substance Abuse Programs
Outpatient (Modality 1): Prison - 26.7%; Supervision - 5.7%; No Recommitment - 67.6%.  Therapeutic Community (Modality 2): Prison - 26.8%; Supervision - 8.4%; No Recommitment - 67.8%.

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