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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Supervision: CPOs

Community Probation Officers Supervise More Than 158,000 Offenders

The Bureau of Probation and Parole Field Services is responsible for developing, implementing, revising and monitoring supervision programs in the areas of probation, post release supervision, community control, drug offender probation, career offenders, sexual offenders/predators, and pretrial intervention. This bureau is responsible for other field supervision operations including sentencing guidelines, probation databases, and court-ordered payments. Employees in this bureau are also responsible for developing statewide policy for over 3,300 staff members, including almost 2,600 correctional probation officers and supervisors; monitoring and coordinating operational review and ACA accreditation; grant reporting and development; and analysis, formulation, and preparation of legislative proposals relating to probation and parole.

This year, along with supervising more than 158,000 offenders requiring community supervision, correctional probation officers also conducted investigations, completing over 231,419 of them. These investigations included pre-sentence investigations, other state and Florida transfers, bond, pretrial intervention, placements, community control eligibility, and violation reports.

The Absconder Unit was formed in 2001 and has assisted in reducing the original number of outstanding absconder warrants by more than one-third (33.4%). The unit accomplished this by working closely with field staff, local, state and federal law enforcement authorities and the public via the Absconder/Fugitive Search website. By using this site, citizens can call or email tips about abscondersí whereabouts. This page is located at and contains information regarding absconders including photos, when available. By establishing Circuit Field Liaisons, the Absconder Unit increased its efforts and ability to apprehend absconders on a statewide basis.

Community Corrections staff has also focused on enhancing their Correctional Probation Officer knowledge and skills through training; Gang Interdiction, to help them quickly identify gang members; Drug Identification, to improve their ability to recognize and identify illegal drugs their offenders may be using; and Sex Offender Management, to clarify the changes to state laws affecting sex offenders, including information provided through polygraph results and sex offender treatment issues.

Restitution and Other Monetary Obligations
Collected from Offenders
Under Supervision in FY 2007-08*
Total: $90,713,873

Victim Restitution: $35,830,205 (39.5%) | Cost of Supervision: $25,404,832 (28.0%) | Fines and Court Costs: $16,831,416 (18.6%) | Other Court Ordered Payments: $12,647,420 (13.9%)

*Community Corrections also collects other costs (crimes compensation, electronic monitoring fees, drug testing fees, surcharges, subsistence fees, and additional costs).

This section of the 2007-08 Annual Report is also provided as an Adobe Acrobat file. Acrobat Reader, a free program is required. Download the 1 page section (523K PDF file) for printing or viewing.
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