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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

Community Corrections Budget

The Community Corrections budget is $247 million to supervise more than 119,000 active offenders. One of the jobs of a probation officer is to ensure offenders pay back their debt to society.

The Department has a computerized payment system. Money is collected and distributed to victims, or payees of those offenders. At the beginning of supervision, a financial agreement is established based on the payees the offender has been ordered to pay (restitution, court costs, fines, costs of supervision, etc).

Restitution and Other Monetary Obligations Collected from
Offenders Under Supervision in FY 2008-09*

Inmate Costs:  $49.60 in FY 04-05; $52.06 in FY 05-06; $52.90 in FY 06-07; $55.09 in FY 07-08; $52.00 in FY 08-09.
*Community Corrections also collects other costs
(crimes compensation, electronic monitoring fees, drug testing fees,
surcharges, subsistence fees, and additional costs).

A Thank You Note

Hello Ms. Brooks:

I would like to bring to your attention an exemplary employee - CPSO M. Wilson of your Ocala East Office. In early June, one of our senior citizens, a 72 year old disabled man, had a problem with one of your supervised offenders. He paid in advance for some "handyman" services around his home. The handyman, one of your supervised offenders, took the money but failed to perform the work. The supervised offender ignored phone calls from our client so the client came to our office for assistance.

The supervised offender also ignored our phone calls and our letters so we decided to contact his probation officer and ask for assistance. We finally got CPSO M. Wilson, who was most cooperative, sympathetic, and professional. She had a talk with the supervised offender, who then contacted our client, and they have amicably worked out their differences and a suitable repayment plan.

Officer Wilson's actions were totally professional and reflect the highest degree of concern not only for the senior citizens of Florida but for the supervised offenders under your supervision. Her proactive actions, spirit of cooperation, and cheerful response to my staff reflect the highest degree of professionalism on her part. Her actions reflect great credit upon herself and the Department of Corrections.

Please pass on to Officer Wilson our sincere thanks for all her assistance in amicably and agreeably resolving this relatively minor dispute. Her efforts on our behalf were truly appreciated.

Yours Truly,
[Name Redacted]

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