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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

Offender Re-Entry

In Community Corrections, probation officers pick up where the institutions or jails leave off in the re-entry process. Probation officers work with offenders ensuring they receive education, vocation or treatment programs that will assist in the offenders' success in re-entry. With public safety their number one goal, probation officers know that urging offenders to lead productive, crime-free lives means that our communities will be safer, and costs to taxpayers will be reduced.

Plant City Office - Conducts employment and resume writing workshops for offenders providing them with a list of frequently asked interview questions, sample resumes and guidance on how to apply for a job.

Tampa 13-3 Office - Regularly holds voluntary re-entry classes for offenders, teaching them career development skills, budgeting and how to dress for success. “I have seen classes where there were so many offenders that showed up, that we ran out of room in the lobby and some had to stand in the hallway,” says Correctional Probation Officer Mark Mason.

Dade City Office– Started a Healthy Relationships Class for offenders who would benefit from learning how to effectively communicate with their families. The course objective included making the offenders and their family members aware of patterns of communication through generational charts, developing healthy habits toward finances through budgeting and setting boundaries.

Circuit 11 - Homestead Weed and Seed hosted a Community Resource Fair. Local organizations offering job placement assistance, parenting classes, housing assistance and education opportunities were on hand to assist offenders and members of the community.

Chipley Office– Partnered with the local One-Stop Career Center to hold employability skills workshops for offenders. One-Stop Career Center staff instructs offenders in preparation for successful job interviews, conduct and communication skills, career center resources and proper completion of job applications and resumes.

A Thank You Note

An offender writes to thank a Lee County probation officer for helping him become a sober, law abiding member of society.

I write you a letter every year marking the anniversary of my sobriety. On 9/1/09, I celebrated my 3rd year of sobriety. I write this letter to you to thank you for your impact on my life while I was your probationer at The Salvation Army.

I believe that it was God’s will for me to be there, and for you to be in my life at the crucial time of my recovery. Again, thanks for always telling and doing for me what I never wanted done, but rather needed to be done. You’re very very very tough love was an essential building block of my continuing recovery and sobriety.

K., thanks again for your positive impact on my life from September 2006 — March 2007. The impact you had on my life can’t ever be expressed in spoken or written word.

A Quote From CPO Mark Mason

“I’ve seen classes where there are so many offenders’ that showed up, we ran out of room in the lobby and some had to stand in the hallway.”

Correctional Probation Officer Mark Mason
commenting on a re-entry class for offenders.

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