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Department of Corrections Employees Win Nine Prudential-Davis Productivity Awards

Florida Department of Corrections employees won nine 2010 Prudential-Davis Productivity Awards for innovations that saved money on computer monitor repair, phone bills, laundry services and dental care, helped track sex offender restrictions and employee training, and automated software installation and distribution of orientation materials. Annual savings ranged from $4.5 million on dental care to $10,000 a year on the cost of inmate boxer shorts and gas canister holsters.

"Our employees continue to amaze me with their innovative and cost-saving ideas, and I'm glad to know that many of these techniques are already being replicated statewide so we can realize even greater savings," said Secretary Walter McNeil.

The Prudential-Davis Productivity awards are given annually to recognize and reward state employees whose work increases productivity, promotes innovation and saves money for Florida taxpayers and businesses.

Three of this year's nine winners were given cash awards of $300 each for their cost-saving, innovative ideas.

And the winners are:

Out of Warranty LCD Monitor Repair Project (won $300 cash award):

This two-person team developed a method for repairing the Department's LCD flat panel computer monitors. Many of the defective monitors were actually under warranty, but the service company had gone bankrupt. Previously when a monitor failed and had to be replaced, it cost about $180. The team identified key components in all the monitors that were a common failure point. The process consisted of gathering defective monitors and spending a few days each month replacing the needed parts. During a six-month period, 90 monitors were restored at a cost of $3 each, compared to the $180 replacement cost, saving the Department $15,930. The Team made a video of how to do these repairs and sent it to other regions, who are following suit. Winning Team members: Santa Rosa CI Distributed Computer Systems Analyst Anne Shaver- Sips and Holmes CI Distributed Computer System Analyst Joseph Scanlan, both of the Bureau of Technology Services, Region I.

(L to R) Santa Rosa CI Distributed Computer Systems Analyst Joseph Scanlan and Holmes CI Distributed Computer System Analyst Anne Shaver-Sips
(L to R) Santa Rosa CI Distributed Computer Systems Analyst Joseph Scanlan
and Holmes CI Distributed Computer System Analyst Anne Shaver-Sips

De-Privatization of Dental Services (won $300 cash award):

Prior to this plan, about 68% of inmate dental care had been outsourced. The new plan involved creating necessary dental positions, establishing an adequate pay structure, adding Dental Hygienist positions, establishing "Regional Centers of Excellence," and refining the dental utilization management process. Each prison reception center Dental Clinic became a "Center for Excellence," where other dentists in the Region could refer their difficult cases for treatment. In its first year, this initiative saved $4.5 million dollars over dental costs for the previous year, when they were outsourced. This plan can be easily adapted to any state agency that provides dental health care. Winning Team members: Dr. Thomas E. Shields, II, of Tallahassee's Central Office; Region I, Dr. Steven M. Gerlecz, Northwest Florida Reception Center; Region II, Dr. Gregory P. Becker, Reception and Medical Center at Lake Butler, and Region III, Dr. Hector M. Suarez, Orlando.

(L to R) Dr. Hector Suarez, Dr. Thomas Shields, Dr. Steven Gerlecz, and Dr. Gregory Becker
(L to R) Dr. Hector Suarez, Dr. Thomas Shields,
Dr. Steven Gerlecz, and Dr. Gregory Becker

Reduced Laundry Costs (won $300 cash award):

Okaloosa CI Sgt. Tracey Worrell and Correctional Officer Herrold Haynes significantly reduced laundry costs by making inmate boxer shorts out of sheets (eight pairs per sheet) and by finding an inexpensive way to produce and sew holsters for MK4 and MK9 gas canisters. Previously, the holsters for the MK4 cost $20 per unit and Sgt. Worrell and Officer Haynes produce them for $3 each. The MK9 holsters retail for $29.99 and they make them for $7 each. The men's boxer shorts cost about $1.80 each, and they make them for about 90 cents each. Total savings for one year on these items is estimated at $10,699. The Worrell/Haynes team is also saving the Department money by using Laundry Loops or Strings instead of Laundry bags, and by replacing printed laundry rosters with a dry erase board. All these ideas can be applied statewide, and provide inmates with marketable sewing skills.

(L to R) Okaloosa CI Sgt. Tracey Worrell and Correctional Officer Herrold Haynes
(L to R) Okaloosa CI Sgt. Tracey Worrell
and Correctional Officer Herrold Haynes

Employee Training Spreadsheet (won Plaque):

Northwest Florida Reception Center/ Caryville Work Camp (in Washington County) Sgt. Roger Whitaker developed an Excel computer spreadsheet to streamline tracking staff training for Region I. The spreadsheet automatically analyzes and calculates staff training and provides percentages for each department as well as an institutional total. Whitaker also developed a system for assimilating all training records and statistics for each facility in Region I. An estimated 1,000+ training hours are saved using this spreadsheet, at a savings of more than $21,000, but the real savings is in the time saved which allows training personnel to attend to other duties. This idea is replicable statewide.

Sex Offender Residential Restrictions Application (won Plaque):

This application allows probation officers to efficiently and effectively investigate proposed addresses for sex offenders from their desktop. The application indicates the location of daycare centers, schools, playgrounds and parks, and lets the officer know with the click of a mouse if an address is not in compliance with sex offender residence restrictions, allowing officers to focus on finding potentially viable residences and saving officers countless trips to field locations. With an average of 3,777 sex offender admissions over one year, cost avoidance is estimated at $100,846 in travel expenses and $140,504 in officers' time annually. Winning Team members: All from the Office of Community Corrections/Tallahassee. Bureau Chief Shari Britton, Correctional Services Consultant Tamera Fogleman, Correctional Services Asst. Consultant Keith Sandell, Sr. Management Analyst Supervisor Amy Datz; James Mincey, Systems Programmer II from the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and Jason Roland, Distributed Computer Systems Specialist, OIT.

Automated Software Deployment and Monitoring (won Plaque):

This four-person team researched and implemented a program that remotely deploys software programs to the Department's 13,500 computers, eliminating the need for OIT personnel to have to visit each PC site. This system can be adapted to other agencies. Total estimated cost savings: $100,734, with continued savings anticipated. Winning Team members: Systems Project Analyst David Best, Office of Information Technology (OIT), Tallahassee; Systems Project Analyst Mark Wright, Region I/Marianna; Distributed Computer Systems Analyst Micah Pieczarka, OIT, Tallahassee; and Data Processing Manager Michael Maddox, OIT, Tallahassee.

Reduced Costs for New Employee Orientation (won Certificate of Commendation):

This four-member team created a method to reduce the cost of new employee orientation materials, and to provide those materials to employees prior to orientation so they could discuss them with family prior to making decisions. By emailing the documents to new employees, this team reduced the number of copies per new employee by 100 double-sided copies, saving on the time spent copying, paper, printing and collating. Total costs saved for 3,255 employees: $31,530. Winning Team Members: (All from Region III/Orlando area) Sr. Personnel Manager Kelly Dawson, Personnel Technician III Rusty Widger, Personnel Services Specialist Vernon Conner and Personnel Officer Danny Busseni.

Text-only cell phones (won Certificate of Commendation):

DC staff negotiated for wireless cellular devices to provide cell phones to emergency response staff with voice capability turned off and the text feature activated, leading to an annual cost savings of $122,200. The text-only cell phones cost $13,150 annually, compared to the leased pagers they replaced, which cost $135,350 a year. Winning team members (all from Tallahassee area): Deputy Secretary of Institutions and Re-Entry George Sapp; Correctional Program Administrator Randy Agerton, Asst. Bureau Chief Patti Casey, Procurement and Supply; Purchasing Specialist Supervisor Doug McCleeary, Procurement and Supply, and former Purchasing Agent III Caprecia Murphy, Procurement and Supply.

Phone Bill Savings (won Certificate of Commendation):

Central Office/Tallahassee Telecommunications Specialist II Turner Barnes performed a telephone line audit to identify lines no longer in use or integral to Department business due to terminations, vacated offices or lack of notice when a line was no longer used. Now a monitoring and reporting system is in place to track phone lines. The removal of these inactive lines saved the Department $7,781 per month, or $93,379 a year.

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