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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

Process Improvements in Community Corrections

In fiscal year 2009/2010, probation officers made over 144,707 referrals to address identified offender needs, including 46,027 employment referrals. Over 24,577 goals were achieved during this timeframe as well.

Process Improvements FY2009-10

Type Referral/Goal  Referred  Pending  Completed
(Get job, 2nd job, promotion, better job with benefits or higher pay, classes for interviewing skills/resume)
46,027 31,577 9,145
(Life skills, parenting or marriage counseling, mental health for depression or self esteem, support groups, clubs)
26,343 18,339 4,945
(Attend GED classes, college, vocational or self improvement classes)
22,362 17,111 2,636
Social Services
(Financial aid, budget classes, immediate needs)
13,907 10,084 2,240
(Improve physical or mental health, address neglected health issues, exercise program)
13,540 10,333 1,699
Shelter or temporary housing needs, improve living arrangements or location of residence)
11,549 8,096 2,123
(Bus passes, donated bike, save for car or better mode of transportation)
9,231 6,624 1,547
Faith Based
(Transitional faith based housing)
1,748 1,305 242
Totals 144,707 103,469 24,577


Incentives Used to Motivate Change in Offender Behavior

Probation officers give offenders incentives to comply with their conditions of supervision, including recommendations for reduced supervision levels (transfer from community control to probation); reduced reporting requirements or even early termination from supervision. This type of motivation has proven successful in not only getting offenders to comply with conditions of supervision, but to complete these requirements early, which often means victims are compensated earlier for their losses. Probation officers make a huge impact on the offender by simply encouraging the offender to do his/ her best, showing support and respect, and acknowledging progress and good decisions made along the way.

Enhancements Made to Improve Timely Disbursement of Restitution and Other Payments

During the past year Community Corrections (CC) implemented several improvements and upgrades to the Court Ordered Payment System (COPS) used to manage and distribute offenders' court-ordered payments such as restitution or court costs. CC collaborated with other Corrections Bureaus to streamline and reduce required data entry, improve the timely disbursement of money to victims and other entities, and to reduce some of the workload required to manage the individual offenders' accounts. Many of the required activities were collapsed, automated and/or made paperless by upgrading programming or electronic means for requesting, approving, or maintaining audit trails regarding the accounts. Staff also increased the use of software technology available to locate victims who moved with no forwarding address so we could process their restitution payments.

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