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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

Offender Re-Entry

Most offenders placed on supervision need guidance or some type of assistance to be able to comply with their conditions of supervision. They may need help finding a job, getting treatment, or with life skills counseling, education, transportation, housing, and more. Unemployed offenders with no income will not be able to pay victim restitution and offenders with a substance abuse problem will not be able to maintain a job or stay out of trouble if they can't get treatment to address the addiction.

Probation officers meet with offenders to discuss their current or prior employment experience, education, skills, financial status, residence, family, and means of support. They work with the offender to jointly develop an 'Individualized Supervision Plan' (ISP) that identifies goals or objectives needed to accomplish conditions of supervision and improve their lifestyle or behavior. Once the goals are identified, the probation officer makes appropriate referrals to community resources available to address these needs and encourages the offender throughout the supervision period to reach these goals. This improves the offender's chances of being able to comply with conditions of supervision and also reduces the number of technical violations.

Ongoing Community Corrections Reentry Initiatives

Community Corrections staff all over the state have partnered with many community agencies to provide resources and services for offenders. The following initiatives took place in FY0910:

  • Job Fairs
  • Resource Fairs
  • Employment Opportunity classes
  • Life Skills Classes teaching resume/application and interviewing techniques
  • Financial Assistance/Budgeting classes
  • Parenting Classes and Family Counseling
  • Vocational and educational opportunities
  • Bus Tokens and Used Bike Program for transportation
  • How to Succeed on Probation and Make Probation Work for You classes offered to both inmates at prisons and jails and offenders on supervision
  • Housing Departments Assist in locating temporary housing or shelters

A Thank You Note

10/21/2010 Belle Glade Correctional Probation Senior Officer W. Coleman and CPS Katherine Viera

Respected Correctional Probation Supervisor, Ms Katherine Viera,

My name is [redacted] and I am currently on probation under my probation officer supervisor Mr. Wardell Coleman. Today, I am moving to my new home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and Mr. Coleman has transferred my probation to the Magonia Park Probation Office. I want to take this opportunity to sincerely express my gratitude to Mr. Coleman for his support, guidance, encouragement and all the help he has provided to me and my wife over the last four months. This is my first experience with probation and law enforcement since I have never done anything wrong in my life other than one terrible mistake I have made for which I shall repent for the rest of my life and I will never ever commit an offense in future. Being new to probation, I was very nervous and scared but Mr. Coleman has treated me with respect and dignity and I shall forever be grateful to him for this gift from him. No matter what time I called him, and believe me, I have even called him at 3 am to seek his help, he has always responded to my calls and sorted out whatever problem there was. He is a very humble man because whenever I have thanked him, he always said its his duty to help people like me.

I also wish to thank you for your guidance when I had to obtain a court order for employment related travel. With your guidance, I have been able to keep my job and continue to be a productive member of the society. You have an excellent staff to be honest because whatever interaction I have had with others in your office, has been always pleasant and courteous.

[Name Redacted]

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