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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

Offender Substance Abuse

Offenders on supervision often participate in substance abuse treatment programs in one of the following forms.

Outpatient - Provides substance abuse treatment for offenders who maintain residence and employment in the community. Services are provided on a variety of intensity levels including individual, group or family sessions along with drug education classes.

Non-Secure - Non-secure substance abuse treatment is a six-month program consisting of a two-month intensive treatment component followed by a four-month employment/re-entry component.

Secure - This long-term treatment program involves a structured, live-in, non-hospital environment
focusing upon all aspects of substance abuse rehabilitation including vocational and educational programs. This therapeutic community consists of up to twelve months of intensive treatment and up to six months of an employment and re-entry component.

Total Offenders Participating in Community-Based Substance Abuse Programs
FY 2009-2010

Outpatient - 30,312 or 89.2%; Non-Secure - 2,768 or 8.1%; Secure - 902 or 2.7%


Community Corrections Statewide Offender Drug Testing Over Five Years

FY05-06 - 580,844 or 8.4%; FY06-07 - 584,063 or 8.1%; FY07-08 - 614,001 or 6.2%; FY08-09 - 566,381 or 6.0%; FY09-10 - 534,160 or 6.8%

Drug-Testing Offenders on Supervision

Probation Officers routinely conduct urinalysis drug testing on offenders under their supervision.

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