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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

Initiatives and Accomplishments in FY10-11: Circuits 1 – 5

Circuit 1

Circuit 1 "Operation Clean Sweep" in Escambia County Strengthens Community Partnerships, Removes Debris, Nets Drug-Related and other Arrests

Circuit 1 in Pensacola has been involved in a partnership with the Escambia County Sheriff's Department called "Operation Clean Sweep," which focuses on working with Neighborhood Watch groups, residents, churches and business owners to control and prevent the damaging effects of criminal activity. Our five-part goal, signified by the word PRIDE, is to Prevent crime, Remove debris, Involve other agencies and citizens, Dedicate ourselves to the betterment of the community and Educate young adults about what happens when they get involved in activities that destroy property within our community.

Operation Clean Sweep partnership between Circuit 1 staff and  Escambia County Sheriff's Dept.

Circuit 1 participated in sweeps throughout the year, with probation officers assigned to sheriff's deputies to assist with serving outstanding warrants and making personal contacts with offenders. The following list showcases the statistics from the nine sweeps that were completed from September 7, 2010 through June 14, 2011:

Total Arrests: 57
Total Traffic Citations: 328
Total Code Violations: 298
Fines for Violations: 1,600
Collected Debris: 360 Tons
Vehicles Seized: 1 Kymo Scooter—1 Vehicle
Drug Money Seized: 340

Officers intercepted a mail delivery of three pounds of marijuana valued at $10,500 and a search warrant was conducted at Budget Grocery Store in the Montclair Community;

  • Sex Crimes Division completed over 20 address verifications;
  • Seven abandoned boats were disposed of, and;
  • Three abandoned townhouse units were demolished in the Montclair Community.

Circuit 1 is proud to participate in such a worthwhile project to assist with the cleanup of the community in which we live and work. The collaborative effort on the part of the participating agencies has also aided in creating a working bond and establishing partnerships. Circuit 1 was recognized and presented a plaque by Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan for their participation in this project.

We were recently provided a list of sweeps for next fiscal year and our plans are to continue serving the citizens of Escambia County while assisting with the cleanup of the same.

Circuit 1 was recognized and presented.

Circuit 2

Using E-Therapy to help offenders complete required substance abuse evaluations

About two years ago, Circuit 2 started a pilot program to determine if offenders could benefit by having access to an online substance abuse evaluation. With assistance from Assistant Secretary of Community Corrections Jenny Nimer, we received a computer along with a webcam. It was placed in our Jefferson County Probation Office located in Monticello, Florida. Jefferson County is a rural county and many of the offenders there lack resources and are unable to travel to Leon County for their substance abuse evaluations. This was causing many of them to miss their evaluations and resulted in violations being filed. Since the addition of the computer and webcam, offenders are now able to complete their substance abuse evaluation in the probation office at the same time they report. They are able to communicate directly with a counselor at DISC Village and get started on the road to recovery. In addition, DISC Village has agreed to hold treatment sessions in our probation office to further accommodate offenders. This program has been an ongoing success and is helping further our goals of getting offenders the treatment they need to be successful and to lower our recidivism rate.

Circuit 3

Pictured: Jimmy Brown, Correctional Probation Specialist; Tony Rountree, CPSO; Crystal Redic, Correctional Probation Officer (CPO); Rusty Dixon, CPSO; Charles Davidson, CA; Susan Johnson, Correctional Probation Supervisor; Robbi Snipes, Parole and Probation Specialist; Patricia Blair, CPSO; Jessie Bristol, CPSO and Vicki White, CPSO.

Circuit 3 (Lake City) Produces "Life Skills to Re-Entry" Video

Circuit 3, Community Corrections, borrowed Hamilton Correctional Institution's Training Building to film their "Life Skills to Re-Entry" video in 2010.

Charles Davidson, Circuit Administrator and Susan Johnson, Correctional Probation Supervisor, accompanied their team of P & P Officers (and actors) in putting together a video that will be very beneficial for offenders being released on probation and/or conditional release. The video offers important instructional topics about offenders seeking employment and our probation officers played starring roles. They included Correctional Probation Senior Officer (CPSO) Tony Rountree of the 03-5 Jasper P & P Office and CPSO Vicki White of the 03-1 Live Oak P & P Office.

The video will be viewed by offenders during the orientation process. This video and other Re-Entry initiatives play important roles in helping offenders being released back into society to become productive citizens.

Circuit 4

Circuit 4 Partners for Offender Success and Public Safety

The staff of the 4th Circuit prides themselves on their public safety partnerships and for fostering a positive atmosphere for offenders who want to turn their lives around. When an inmate is returning to the Jacksonville area or Circuit 4 from prison or county jail, he or she is assisted by Probation Officers in partnership with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at the Jacksonville Re-Entry Center (JREC). With funding from the Federal "Second Chance Act" and the City of Jacksonville's "Jacksonville Journey," offenders are case-managed and supervised by both Jacksonville Sheriff's Office staff, who can fingerprint them at JREC upon arrival, and state probation officers, who assist them with their re-entry. Assistance is given to provide for the basic needs of offenders: food, clothing, housing and medical needs such as mental health, substance abuse and psychosexual treatment.

Circuit 5

Circuit 5 Hosted NINE Re-Entry Resource/Job Fairs with almost 1,000 participants this year

In 2011, Circuit 5 hosted nine Community Resource/Job Fairs with close to 1,000 individuals in attendance to assist offenders in succeeding while under supervision. Many of those who attended were offenders in need of community services to assist them with personal, professional and supervision issues while on probation.

Circuit 5 supports the "When They Succeed, We Succeed" concept and coordinated many initiatives to demonstrate their commitment throughout the year. In addition to the Re-Entry Fairs, programs such as Family Orientation Classes; How to Succeed on Community Control; Life Skills; Couponing; Money Management; and a Sex Offender Symposium were also provided throughout the circuit to benefit offenders.

Due to the startling increase in the number of domestic violence incidents around the state, Circuit 5 is in the process of implementing Domestic Violence Seminars for all female offenders to teach them how to protect themselves and where to seek assistance if they are victims or know someone who is a victim of domestic violence. Circuit 5 will be pressing forward with these types of events in 2012 to provide continued assistance to offenders in connecting with community resources such as education, health care, employment, counseling, etc.

These resources will assist them in succeeding not only while under supervision but in LIFE!

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