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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Inmate Programs as of June 30, 2012

Correctional Facilities 100-Hour Transition Academic & Special Education Career & Technical Education Faith- & Character- Based Substance Abuse
Apalachee CI East X ASE 1    
Apalachee CI West X ITA      
Atlantic WRC * X       3
Avon Park CI X ASE,T1 5    
Baker CI (R) X ITA 4   1
Bartow WRC X        
Bradenton Transition * X CE 1   A,O,P
Bridges of Jacksonville X       A,O
Bridges of Orlando X CE     A,O
Bridges of Pompano WRC X CE     A,O
Calhoun CI X ITA 1    
Central Florida RC X       SA
Central Florida RC East X ITA      
Century CI X ITA     2
Charlotte CI X ASE      
Cocoa WRC X       3
Columbia Annex X ASE,T1 1   1
Columbia CI X ASE, T1 1    
Cross City CI X ITA 3    
Dade CI X        
Daytona Beach WRC X       3
DeSoto Annex X ASE,T1 3    
Dinsmore WRC X       3
Everglades CI X ITA   FCB 1
Florida State Prison X CM      
Florida State Prison West X ITA 1    
Franklin CI X ITA 1    
Ft. Pierce WRC X       3
Gulf Annex X ITA   FCB 1
Gulf CI X ITA 1    
Hamilton Annex X ASE,T1 1    
Hamilton CI X ASE,T1 3    
Hardee CI X ITA 1    
Hernando CI X ITA,T1 1 FCB 1
Hollywood WRC * X       A,O,P
Holmes CI X ASE,T1 3    
Homestead CI * X ITA 2    
Jackson CI X ITA      
Jefferson CI X ITA     2
Kissimmee WRC X       3
Lake CI X ASE 2    
Lake City WRC X       3
Lancaster CI X ASE,T1 6 FCB  
Largo Residential Reentry Center X CE     A,O
Lawtey CI X ITA 1 FCB  
Liberty CI X ITA      
Liberty CI Quincy Annex X LEA      
Lowell Annex * X ASE,TI1CM 1    
Lowell CI, BTU & WC * X ASE,T1 6   SA,1
Lowell CI Reception Center * X ITA,CF   FCB SA
Madison CI X ITA      
Marion CI X ASE,T1 4   1
Martin CI X        
Mayo Annex X ITA     1
Miami North WRC X       3
Northwest Florida RC X ITA     SA,1
Northwest Florida RC Annex X ITA,CF      
Okaloosa CI X ITA     1
Okeechobee CI X       1
Opa Locka WRC X       3
Orlando Transition Center X CE 1   A,O,P
Orlando WRC * X       3
Panama City WRC X       3
Pensacola WRC X       3
Pinellas WRC * X       3
Polk CI X ITA 4 FCB 1
Pompano Transition Center X CE 1   A,O,P
Putnam CI X LEA      
Reality House X CE     A,O,2
Reception & Medical Center X CF, ITA     SA
Reception & Medical Center West X ITA      
Reentry of Ocala WRC X       A,O
Sago Palm WC (R) X ITA 1   1
Santa Fe WRC X       3
Santa Rosa Annex X ITA 1    
Santa Rosa CI X CM      
Shisa East * X       A,O,P
Shisa West WRC * X       A,O
South Florida RC X CF     SA
South Florida RC South X        
St. Petersburg WRC X       3
Sumter CI & BTU X ASE,T1 5    
Suncoast WRC * X CE     A,O
Suwannee Annex X ITA 2    
Suwannee CI X CM      
Tallahassee WRC X       3
Tarpon Springs WRC X       3
Taylor Annex X ITA 3    
Taylor CI X ITA 1   1
Tomoka CI X ITA 2 FCB  
Transition House Kissimmee X CE 1   A,O,P
Union CI X ITA,CM   FCB  
Wakulla Annex X ITA   FCB  
Wakulla CI X ITA 1 FCB  
Walton CI X ITA 2   2
West Palm Beach WRC X       3
Zephyrhills CI X ITA      

* = Female Facility; (R)=Re-Entry Center; CI=Correctional Institution; BTU=Basic Training Unit (Boot Camp); RC=Reception Center; WC=Work Camp; WRC=Work Release Center

All correctional institutions provide Chaplaincy Services, General Library and Law Library programs.

Religious services are conducted at all work release centers.

Academic & Special Education: ASE = Academic Education Program staffed to provide special education services to disabled students; ITA = Academic Education Program for open-population inmates staffed by one Academic Teacher and Inmate Teaching Assistants; LEA = Academic Education Program operated by local education agency; CE = Contractor Operated Academic Education Program; T1 = Title I Program; CF = Child Find reception processing.

Agency special education staff provide appropriate services to all verified special education inmates at work release centers.

Career & Technical Education: Number of programs offered at facility; includes department-operated and Specter Grant contracted programs.

Re-Entry: X = 100-Hour Transition Course or approved equivalent taught at facility.

Substance Abuse: SA = Screening Assessments; 1 = Intensive Outpatient; 2 = Residential Therapeutic Community; 3 = Outpatient Aftercare/Intervention; A = Aftercare; O = Outpatient; P = Prevention.

Faith- & Character-Based Programming: FCB = Faith- and Character-Based Institution

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