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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Results of Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) For Correctional Education (CE) Students, FY 2012-13

Inmate Reading a Book

Purpose:  Section 944.801, (3), (f), F.S., this sheet summarizes the average change in literacy levels of CE Students during FY 2012-13 (July 2012 – June 2013).

Methodology: TABE tests administered to students during FY 2012-13 were scored using TestMate and the Advanced Module of the TestMate System (test scoring and reporting system).  Inmate names and DC numbers were used to track those who had both pretest and posttest scores during this period.  This summary includes all inmate students who during this period had at least one matched set of scores (pretest and posttest scores) in at least one subject area.  A total of 4,951 students had matched scores for all three of the subject areas (Total Battery) of Reading, Language, and Total Mathematics.  The total sets of matched scores for each subject area were:  (a) 5,591 for Reading, (b) 5,677 for Language, and (c) 6,154 for Total Mathematics.

Results: The following charts show the average gains made in each subject in terms of normal curve equivalents (NCE), scale scores, and grade equivalents (GE), respectively.  To be included, students had to have both a pretest and posttest.  Gain was made in all three subject areas and for the total battery.  For an average of three months of instruction, the overall (total battery) gain was two points for the NCE scores and on the average there was a 12-point increase in scale scores. This translates into five months gain (.5) in GE scores.

Change in Inmate Literacy Grade Equivalent Levels Over Five Years
(Average Gain Per 3 Months Of Instruction)
FY07-08: Pretest(5.5) - Posttest(5.9) | FY08-09: Pretest(5.4) - Posttest(5.9) | FY09-10: Pretest(5.4) - Posttest(5.9) | FY10-11: Pretest(5.4) - Posttest(5.9) | FY11-12: Pretest(5.4) - Posttest(5.9)
Gains Expressed in Grade Equivalents (GE’s)
Reading: Pretest(6.0) - Posttest(6.4) | Language: Pretest(4.5) - Posttest(5.3) | Tot. Math: Pretest(5.7) - Posttest(6.4) | Tot. Battery: Pretest(5.4) - Posttest(5.9)

Reading (N=5,591), Language (N=5,677), Total Math (N=6,154), Total Battery (N=4,951)

Gains Expressed in Scale Scores
Reading: Pretest(518) - Posttest(527) | Language: Pretest(500) - Posttest(514) | Tot. Math: Pretest(497) - Posttest(517) | Tot. Battery: Pretest(502) - Posttest(515)

Gains Expressed in Normal Curve Equivalents (NCE’s)
Reading: Pretest(49) - Posttest(53) | Language: Pretest(46) - Posttest(50) | Tot. Math: Pretest(48) - Posttest(54) | Tot. Battery: Pretest(49) - Posttest(53)

2,862 Inmates Earned GED's in FY 2012-13

FY 2012-13 GED and Vocational Certificates Awarded
Types of Award Locations Diplomas and Certificates Awarded
GED High School
Vocational Total
Correctional Institutions 2,573 61 1,600 4,234
Other DC Facilities* 261 0 184 445


28 0 0 28
Total 2,862 61 1,784 4,707
* Other DC includes work release centers, work/forestry camps, road prisons, boot camps.
** LEA-Based includes Local Educational Agencies such as community colleges.

Inmate Participation in Correctional Education Classes in FY 2012-13
Enrollments* Mandatory Literacy Adult Basic Education ITA1 GED HSD Vocational Total
Number of Courses 2,172 11,105 12,554 2,268 175 6,214 34,488
Number of Inmates 1,391 7,009 9,415 1,709 130 4,677 ***24,331
Number of Courses 325 607 2,862 61 1,784 5,639
Number of Inmates 324 606 2,862 61 1,490 ***5,343

Unduplicated Count of Inmate Participation in Correctional Basic Education in FY 2012-13
Academic 17,799
Vocational 4,677

* "Enrollments" includes inmates enrolled as of 7/1/12 and new enrollments through 6/30/13.
** "Completions" are from 7/1/12 through 6/30/13.
*** Inmates who participated in Mandatory Literacy, Adult Basic Education, GED and Vocational courses get counted for participation in all four programs.
"Number of Courses" and "Number of Inmates" are different for vocational counts since it is possible for a given inmate to be involved in more than one course in this program year.
For greater detail, Adult Basic Education (course "9900004") is shown in a separate column from the GED (course "9900026").
"Completions" are defined as a CMP, ATT or CXS code on the DC32 screen for MLP and ABE participants, a GED certificate for course "9900026" participants, and a vocational certificate for vocational program participants.
1ITA=Inmate Teaching Assistant Program.

Note that none of the counts in the above tables include program participation or certificates earned at private facilities. Inmates at the seven major private facilities earned 489 GEDs and 1,125 vocational certificates in FY 2012-13.

Inmate studying.

Inmate Programs
Correctional Facilities 100-Hour Transition Academic & Special Education Career & Technical Education Faith- & Character- Based Substance Abuse
Apalachee CI East X ASE,T1 1    
Apalachee CI West X ITA      
Atlantic WRC * X       3
Avon Park CI X ASE,T1 6   1
Baker CI (R) X ITA 4   1
Bartow WRC X       3
Bradenton Transition * X CE 1   A,O,P
Bridges of Jacksonville X       A,O
Bridges of Orlando X CE     A,O
Bridges of Pompano WRC X CE     A,O
Calhoun CI X ITA 1    
Central Florida RC X CF     SA
Central Florida RC East X ITA      
Century CI X ITA     2
Charlotte CI X ASE,T1      
Cocoa WRC X       3
Columbia Annex X ASE,T1 1 FCBR 1
Columbia CI X ASE, T1 1    
Cross City CI X ITA 3    
Dade CI X        
Daytona Beach WRC X       3
DeSoto Annex X ASE,T1 3 FCBR  
Dinsmore WRC X       3
Everglades CI X ITA   FCBR 1
Florida State Prison X CM      
Florida State Prison West X ITA 2    
Florida Women's Reception Center * (renamed Lowell Reception Center) X LEA,CF,ITA   FCBR  
Franklin CI X ITA 1    
Ft. Pierce WRC X       3
Gulf Annex X ITA   FCBR 1
Gulf CI X ITA 1    
Hamilton Annex X ASE,T1 1    
Hamilton CI X ASE,T1 3    
Hardee CI X ITA 1    
Hernando CI * X ITA 1 FCBR 1
Hollywood WRC * X       A,O,P
Holmes CI X ASE,T1 3    
Homestead CI * X ITA 2    
Jackson CI X ITA,T1   FCBR 2
Jefferson CI X ITA     2
Kissimmee WRC X       3
Lake CI X ASE 2   1
Lake City WRC X       3
Lancaster CI X ASE,T1 6 FCBR 1
Largo Residential Reentry Center X CE     A,O
Lawtey CI X ITA 1 FCBR 1
Liberty CI X ITA      
Liberty CI Quincy Annex X LEA      
Lowell Annex * X ASE,T1,CM,SHCOE 2   2
Lowell CI, BTU & WC * X ASE,T1 5   SA,1
Madison CI X ITA,SHCOE 1   1
Marion CI X ASE,T1 4 FCBR 1,2
Martin CI X        
Mayo Annex X ITA 2   1
Miami North WRC X       3
Northwest Florida RC X ITA   FCBR SA,1
Northwest Florida RC Annex X ITA,CF     2
Okaloosa CI X ITA      
Okeechobee CI X     FCBR 1
Opa Locka WRC X       3
Orlando Transition Center X CE 1   A,O,P
Orlando WRC * X       3
Panama City WRC X       3
Pensacola WRC X       3
Pinellas WRC * X       3
Polk CI X ITA 3 FCBR 2
Pompano Transition Center X CE 1   A,O,P
Putnam CI X LEA      
Reality House X CE     A,O,2
Reception & Medical Center X ASE,CF, ITA     SA
Reception & Medical Center West X ITA      
Reentry of Ocala WRC X       A,O
Sago Palm WC (R) X ITA 1   1
Santa Fe WRC X       3
Santa Rosa Annex X ITA 1    
Santa Rosa CI X CM      
Shisa East * X       A,O,P
Shisa West WRC * X       A,O
South Florida RC X CF     SA
South Florida RC South X        
St. Petersburg WRC X       3
Sumter CI & BTU X ASE,T1 5    
Suncoast WRC * X CE     A,O
Suwannee Annex X ASE,T1 2    
Suwannee CI X CM      
Tallahassee WRC X       3
Tarpon Springs WRC X       3
Taylor Annex X ITA 3    
Taylor CI X ITA 1   1
Tomoka CI X ITA 2 FCBR  
Transition House Kissimmee X CE 1   A,O,P
Union CI X ITA,CM   FCBR  
Wakulla Annex X ITA 1 FCBR  
Wakulla CI X ITA 1 FCBR  
Walton CI X ITA 2   2
West Palm Beach WRC X       3
Zephyrhills CI X ITA      

* = Female Facility; (R)=Re-Entry Center; CI=Correctional Institution; BTU=Basic Training Unit (Boot Camp); RC=Reception Center; WC=Work Camp; WRC=Work Release Center All correctional institutions provide Chaplaincy Services, General Library and Law Library programs.
Religious services are conducted at all work release centers.
Academic & Special Education: ASE = Academic Education Program staffed to provide special education services to disabled students; ITA = Academic Education Program for open-population inmates staffed by one Academic Teacher and Inmate Teaching Assistants; LEA = Academic Education Program operated by local education agency; CE = Contractor Operated Academic Education Program; CF = Child Find reception processing; CM = Close Management education including academic, special education and voluntary literacy as appropriate; SHCOE = Smart Horizons Career Online Education high school diploma program; T1 = Title I Program
Agency special education staff provide appropriate services to all verified special education inmates at work release centers.
Career & Technical Education: Number of programs offered at facility
Re-Entry: X = 100-Hour Transition Course or approved equivalent taught at facility.
Substance Abuse: SA = Screening Assessments; 1 = Intensive Outpatient; 2 = Residential Therapeutic Community; 3 = Outpatient Aftercare/Intervention; A = Aftercare; O = Outpatient; P = Prevention.
Faith- & Character-Based Programming: FCBR = Faith- and Character-Based Residential

Career and Technical Education Programs by Facility
Facility / # of Programs Career and Technical Education Programs
Apalachee CI - East (1) (1) Carpentry
Avon Park CI (6) (1) Automotive Technology Career Services, (2) Cabinetmaking, (3) PC Support Services, (4) Printing and Graphic Communications, (5) Turf Equipment Technology, (6) Applied Welding Technologies
Baker CI (4) (1) Cabinetmaking, (2) Electricity, (3) Masonry, Brick and Block, (4) Plumbing Technology
Calhoun CI (1) (1) Printing and Graphic Communications
Columbia CI (1) (1) PC Support Services
Columbia Annex (1) (1) Masonry, Brick and Block
Cross City CI (3) (1) Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing, (2) Cabinetmaking, (3) PC Support Services
DeSoto Annex (3) (1) Carpentry, (2) Masonry, Brick and Block, (3) Applied Welding Technologies
Franklin CI (1) (1) Plumbing Technology
FSP West (2) (1) Printing and Graphic Communications, (2) Plumbing Technology
Gulf CI (1) (1) Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology
Hamilton CI (3) (1) Cabinetmaking, (2) Electricity, (3) Masonry, Brick and Block
Hamilton CI Annex (1) (1) PC Support Services
Hardee CI (1) (1) Carpentry
Hernando CI * (1) (1) Digital Design
Holmes CI (3) (1) Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing, (2) PC Support Services, (3) Applied Welding Technologies
Homestead CI * (2) (1) Automotive Technology Career Services, (2) PC Support Services
Lake CI (2) (1) Cabinetmaking, (2) Wastewater/Water Treatment Technologies
Lancaster CI (6) (1) Automotive Technology Career Services, (2) Carpentry, (3) Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts, (4) Environmental Services, (5) PC Support Services, (6) Printing and Graphic Communications
Lawtey CI (1) (1) Architectural Drafting
Lowell CI * (5) (1) Cosmetology, (2) Architectural Drafting, (3) PC Support Services, (4) Equine Care Technology, (5) Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts
Lowell CI Annex * (2) (1) Fashion Design Services, (2) Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology
Madison CI (1) (1) Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts
Marion CI (4) (1) Cabinetmaking, (2) Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology, (3) Electricity, (4) Water/Wastewater Treatment Technologies
Mayo Annex (2) (1) Electronics Technology, (2) PC Support Services
Polk CI (3) (1) Automotive Technology Career Services, (2) PC Support Services, (3) Plumbing Technology/Fire Sprinkler Systems Technology
Sago Palm WC (1) (1) PC Support Services
Santa Rosa Annex (1) (1) Commercial Class "B" Driving
Sumter CI (5) (1) Automotive Technology Career Services, (2) Electronics Technology, (3) Masonry, Brick and Block, (4) YO Masonry, Brick and Block, (5) YO Architectural Drafting
Suwanee CI Annex (2) (1) Plumbing Technology, (2) PC Support Services
Taylor CI (1) (1) Plumbing Technology
Taylor CI Annex (3) (1) Carpentry, (2) Masonry, Brick and Block, (3) PC Support Services
Tomoka CI (2) (1) Carpentry (2) Masonry, Brick and Block
Wakulla CI (1) (1) Environmental Services
Wakulla Annex (1) (1) Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology
Walton CI (2) (1) Carpentry, (2) Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology

* = Female facility
(#) = DC-operated career and technical education programs
YO = Youthful Offender program

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