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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


As of June 30, 2013, the Florida Department of Corrections (DC) had a total of 22,398 employees which included 17,002 (75.9%) certified employees in institutions or probation/parole offices.

  • Of the 14,887 (87.6%) certified employees in institutions: 10,022 (67.3%) were Correctional Officers, 4,013 (26.9%) were Sergeants, 431 (2.9%) were Lieutenants, 293 (2.0%) were Captains, 83 (0.6%) were Majors, and 45 (0.3%) were Colonels.
  • 1,981 (11.6%) were certified Correctional Probation Officers.
  • 134 (0.8%) were Correctional Inspectors in the Office of the Inspector General.

Health Care staff (professional, managerial, and support) represented 6.6% of DC employees, while programs for inmates and offenders, and chaplaincy staff totaled only 1.6% of DC employees. Health Services staff decreased by 2.0% from last fiscal year because inmate health careĀ  in nine facilities located in the southern part of Region III was privatized in FY 2012-13.

Agency support staff totaled 13.3% of all DC staff, including 10.6% institutional support and 2.7% community corrections support staff. Institution and community corrections support includes management, professional, and clerical support in areas such as inmate grievances, probation/parole data entry, inmate classification, food service, and maintenance and construction.

Less than 3% of staff provided management and administrative support in the Department's Central Office and regional service centers, including Personnel functions, staff development, research, purchasing, budget, finance and accounting, information technology, and upper management.

The average DC employee is 42 years of age and has been with the agency for ten years. More than 94.4% of DC employees are in the state's Career Service pay plan, 5.5% are Selected Exempt Service (SES), and 0.1% are Senior Management Service (SMS).
Figure 1.1: DC Staff by Position
Institutions (Certified) - 15,417 , 65.5%; Institutions (Support) - 2,378 , 10.1%; Community Corrections (Certified) - 2,081 , 8.9%; Health Care - 2,021 , 8.6%; Community Corrections (Support) - 663, 2.8%; Administrative - 610, 2.6%; Programs and Chaplaincy - 355, 1.5%; Total - 23,525

Figure 1.2: DC Staff by Pay Plan Status
Career Service: 94.29% | Selected Exempt Service: 5.63% | Senior Management Service: 0.09%, Total Staff=23,525