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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Inmate Drug Testing

Inmates are Randomly Drug Tested

The Department's Inmate Drug Testing Unit currently oversees the inmate random drug testing program, substance abuse program drug testing and “for cause” drug testing for all correctional facilities statewide.

Inmates are chosen for substance abuse program drug testing based on a random, computer-generated selection system. Selection of inmates for “for cause” drug testing is based on reasonable suspicion of involvement with drugs or alcohol.

Drug testing enables the Department to detect and identify inmates using illicit drugs, including abuse of prescription drugs and/or alcohol.
Furthermore, the role of drug testing has been recognized as highly effective in identifying those who have substance abuse problems, getting them into treatment, and monitoring them during the treatment process.

Random Drug Test Results in Accordance with (F.S. 944.473(1)) for FY 2013–14
Type of
Drug Test Positive
Alcohol Cannabis Cocaine Opiates Other Total*
Random 56,109 55,871 238 0.4% 0 129 24 3 101 257
For Cause 1,248 987 261 20.9% 13 101 2 4 147 267
*Inmates can test positive for more than one drug on a test.
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