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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Inmate Releases and Time Served

Facts about Time Served...

Prior to October 1995, the amount of time served by inmates sentenced to state prison was dictated by several types of gain time and provisional credits that were in place due to past prison overcrowding. The 1995 legislature passed into law the Truth in Sentencing Act that requires all offenders sentenced to prison to serve a minimum of 85% of their court-appointed sentence.

Any offenders whose crimes were committed on or after October 1, 1995, are now subject to this requirement and these offenders must serve, at minimum, 85% of their sentences. Inmates sentenced prior to this date are not required to serve 85% of their sentences, and will therefore have a lower overall percentage of sentence served. Most of the inmates released in this fiscal year who were not sentenced under the Truth in Sentencing Act are violent offenders.

  • Inmates released during FY 2013-14 served an average of 85.6% of their court-imposed sentences.
Release From Prison By Type of Offense for FY 2013-14
Type of Offense Average Number of Years Served Average % of Sentence Served*
Murder, Manslaughter 10.6 81.0
Sexual Offenses 6.3 80.8
Robbery 5.7 85.5
Violent Personal Offenses 3.2 86.1
Burglary 3.6 85.8
Theft/Forgery/Fraud 2.1 85.6
Drug Offenses 2.7 85.6
Weapons 3.1 89.3
Other 2.5 85.7
All Offenses 3.4 85.6
* Including County Jail Time Served

Average Percentage of Sentence Served 85% Mandatory vs. Non-85% Compared Over Five Years
85% Mandatory declined from 87.1% in FY09-10 to 85.8% in FY 13-14. Non 85% increased from 67.3% in FY 09-10 to 68.1% in FY 13-14.


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