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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Bureau of Food Services

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SUNCOM 278-0123

The Bureau of Food Services is responsible for feeding over 64,000 inmates three nutritionally balanced meals a day. This bureau has oversight over food selection, warehousing and distribution; menu development; equipment purchasing; farming and gardening programs; and food quality and cost control.

Accomplishments in 1995-96:

  • Served more than 70 million meals during FY 95-96 at a cost of 74 cents per meal. These meals are nutritionally balanced and certified by registered dietitians.
  • Continued the expansion of the farm and garden program to 68 facilities, covering 300 acres, employing 1,250 inmates and producing almost 5,000,000 pounds of vegetables.
  • Implemented a system to identify stages during the food production process where risk of the occurrence of food borne illness is most significant and determined control procedures to reduce potential risk.
  • Initiated development of a pilot project to reduce inventory levels and improve the food acquisition process by developing a prime vendor program.
  • Automated a problem identification and solution system for documenting recurring facility and/or equipment related issues. This program documented over 1,200 reports during the fiscal year.
  • Developed a low cost, nutritionally balanced cold lunch and initiated a test project to determine the viability of more traditional menus without jeopardizing security.

Food Costs

(FY 1991-92 to FY 1995-96)
FY 1991-92 78.0 cents
FY 1992-93 71.0 cents
FY 1993-94 75.6 cents
FY 1994-95 74.4 cents
FY 1995-96 74.0 cents
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