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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Security and Institutional Management

Bureau of Program Services

Ed Teuton
Bureau Chief
(904) 488-6903
SUNCOM 278-6903

The Bureau of Program Services is responsible for program development with special emphasis on youthful offenders, elderly inmates, female inmates, partnership development, resource acquisitions and administration of volunteer services programs.

Accomplishments in 1995-96:

  • Enhanced specialized programming for more than 3,500 sentenced and classified youthful offenders at four male institutions, one female institution dormitory and the Boot Camp.
  • Created a Community Residential Transition Program for youthful offenders.
  • Instituted a Tour Program for juveniles ordered by the court to tour correctional facilities.
  • Obtained grant funding and provided vocational training in environmental education to youthful offenders at five project sites.
  • Obtained more than $600,000 in grant funding to provide environmental education, dual diagnosis treatment planning, literacy education, and volunteer recruitment services.
  • Conducted the first female symposium entitled "Structuring the Future: The Female Focus" with over 200 attendees. Eight major tracts were delivered to provide training for individuals working with females to demonstrate practical applications as professional care takers and change agents.
  • Utilized the services of more than 5,600 volunteers each month which translated to a cost avoidance of nearly $2 million for FY 95-96. Volunteers provided more than 20,000 hours per month in FY 95-96, usually in the areas of religious services or drug treatment.
  • Received grant funding from the Even Start Family Literacy Project to provide literacy services to children and their parents at four female facilities
  • Implemented the Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) program at selected correctional facilities and implemented the Guide Programs, a cooperative effort with the Florida Department of Elder Affairs.

Information on Youthful Offenders

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