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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Region III

Photo of George Denman, Region III Director

George Denman
Region III Director

Region III Office
400 West Robinson Street, Suite N-909
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 245-0840
SUNCOM 344-0840
SUNCOM FAX: 344-0063


Jerry Bayless
Community Corrections:
Joseph Hatem
Education and Job Training:
James Vallandingham
Executive Services:
Susan Yawn
Health Care:
Dr. James Johnstone
Security and Institutional Management:
Ray McCleese
Total Staff Positions3,470
Major Institutions6
Community Correctional Centers4
Women's Community Correctional Centers1
Brooksville Drug Treatment/Work Camp1
Probation and Parole Offices24
Incarcerated Offenders on 6/30/968,773
Offenders Under Supervision on 6/30/9622,937
Inmates Admitted FY 95-962,809

Accomplishments in 1995-96:

Mr. Taylor, FPL Rep. presents BCI Supt Hemme, with a check as RIII Dir. Denman and Mgr. Stultz look on.
Mr. Clifford Taylor, Florida Power and Light Representative (2nd from left), presents BCI Superintendent, Dave Hemme, with a rebate check resulting from BCI's energy cost initiatives, as Region III Director C. George Denman and Business Manager Steve Stultz look on.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE CLASSES Region III and local community colleges have formed a partnership to provide Correctional Probation Officer academy classes that have resulted in a cost savings of $204,000 in the first nine months of operation.
  • SPEAKER'S BUREAU The creation of a Speaker's Bureau has increased the public awareness of the Department's public safety role through the delivery of over 400 public presentations by regional personnel.
  • BOOT CAMP BUILDERS Sumter Correctional Institution (Boot Camp) has entered into a partnership with Florida Fix and the State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) to rebuild homes for the elderly, medically infirm and low income. Funding is provided through matching local, county, state and private enterprise dollars. Through this year, the institution will have completed 216 homes.
  • SPACE (AND MONEY) SAVERS The Ocala South Probation and Parole office used a "modular design concept" to reduce 1,688 feet of lease space when compared to the traditional office plan, producing an estimated savings of $77,000 over the term of the lease, and establishing the design for future office plans.
  • PRODUCTIVE PARTNERSHIPS Partnerships with local school boards, Immigration and Naturalization, the Judiciary and the State's Attorney, have increased public safety through programs designed to prevent sex offenders for volunteering in schools, deport illegal aliens and increase the accuracy of sentencing guidelines.
  • IT TAKES A VILLAGE The Orlando Community Correctional Center has entered into a partnership with the Orlando Sheriff's Office to building "The Kids Safety Village", which will be used to educate the school children in Orange County on safety and avoiding dangerous situations.
  • TIMESAVING TECHNOLOGY A pilot program on application of an electronic reporting program for offenders under community supervision was conducted in the Casselberry Probation and Parole office. This pilot program demonstrated the potential benefits of kiosk technology in supervision efficiency and officer time reduction.
  • SAVING ON OUR LIGHT BILL A partnership between Brevard Correctional Institution and Florida Power and Light resulted in the receipt of $56,000 in Federal Grant funds to retrofit lighting to energy efficient fluorescent lamps and electronic ballast. Brevard C.I. received in return a total rebate of $20,529 from Florida Power and Light.

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