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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Security and Institutional Management

Release Management Office

(904) 487-4848
SUNCOM 277-4848

The Release Management Office is responsible for making the inmate's transition from prison to the streets as smooth as possible. The transition program begins approximately 180 days prior to the inmate's release by providing them with pre-release counseling, informing them of services and assistance available in the community and coordinating transportation for released inmates. The Release Section is also responsible for reviewing the database and authorizing the release of all incarcerated state inmates. The Release Section also coordinates with all law enforcement agencies throughout the country for detainer pick-ups for those whose state sentences have expired. In addition, the Transition Assistance Section is responsible for the identification and tracking of all illegal aliens serving sentences within the department. The illegal alien is then turned over to the Immigration & Naturalization Service upon release.

Accomplishments in 1995-96:

  • Trained transition assistance officers throughout the state on their duties and responsibilities.
  • Coordinated and monitored release transportation throughout the state.
  • Evaluated recommendations for Presumptive Parole Release Date (PPRD) mitigations, restoration of forfeited gain time, commutation of sentence, and conditional medical release.
  • Coordinated Clemency Initiatives between the state, the Department of Justice and Immigration & Naturalization Services.
  • Trained law enforcement agencies to identify illegal aliens and as of November 22, 1996, deported 368 illegal alien inmates who were in Florida prisons.
  • Coordinated telephone and individual hearings for alien inmates with the Immigration Review office and coordinated all necessary transportation to a designated release site.
  • Initiated a 100-hour Transition Skills pilot program at four institutions and a community service pilot program for inmates released to metropolitan areas.
  • Initiated a televideo conferencing pilot project at Florida State Prison which allows the judge to conduct immigration hearings from his chambers.
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