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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Central Office and Statewide

Employee of the Year

Cory Godwin
Security Threat Group (STG) Coordinator,

Cory GodwinA nine-year veteran of the Florida Department of Corrections, Cory Godwin serves as the department's Security Threat Group (STG) Intelligence coordinator, focusing on gangs and gang-related activities in Florida prisons. Since serving as the department's STG coordinator, Cory has brought national acclaim to the Florida Department of Corrections through his development of a strategic STG policy. One of his most recognized accomplishments is a 32-minute video production entitled "Chicago-based Gangs in Florida Prisons," which was distributed to over 300 organizations and recently selected for nationwide distribution. Cory's other notable career accomplishments include being named as the 1991 Correctional Officer of the Year and the 1995 Inspector of the Year. In terms of service, Cory is committed to ensuring that the DC is seen as an equal partner that is committed to reducing crime in our state and in our communities.

Correctional Probation Officer of the Year

Linda Tabb
Correctional Probation Specialist,
Clearwater P&P

Linda TabbLinda Tabb began her career with the state of Florida over 22 years ago, first as a counselor for disabled and retarded citizens, then as a child abuse investigator. Fourteen years ago, she began her career with the DC as a Probation and Parole Officer. She currently serves as a High Profile and Sex Offender Specialist in the Clearwater P&P Office. As a Specialist, Linda deals daily with a particularly dangerous and notable clientele. Her broad range of knowledge, expertise and training makes her an invaluable asset to her peers, and especially to her unusual and demanding cases. Linda contributes to her community in other ways too, as a youth director, President of the Missionary Board, teacher and mentor at her church; and as a board member for the Young Life Program, which provides camps, after-school care and financial aid for college-bound students.

Correctional Officer of the Year

Raymond Ward
Correctional Officer Lieutenant,
Walton CI

Raymond WardCorrectional Officer Lieutenant Raymond Ward, an 11-year DC veteran, captures the essence of correctional public safety. He is responsible for the supervision and coordination of Walton CI's inmate work squads, and he is an invaluable liaison between city and county administrators and the DC. As a work squad leader for seven years, Raymond has supervised numerous community service projects including the renovations of a public high school and gymnasium; the construction of a handicapped walk-ramp at a community center and the restoration of a community recreational center. Raymond is often commended for his skills as well as his delivery of quality service, and city and county officials have praised him and his squad for their excellent work in the community. In 1994 and 1996, Lt. Ward received Davis Productivity Awards for his efficiency and innovative techniques.

Cory, Linda and Raymond,
Our Top Employees for 1997!

Volunteers of the Year

James L. Williams and Pincus Weinstein

The Department of Corrections relies heavily on volunteers to tutor inmates and assist them in other areas such as education, drug treatment and religious study. The following individuals were selected for their volunteer efforts during the fiscal year.

James L. Williams James Williams James Williams has been an active and untiring citizen volunteer for the past 22 years, assisting inmates and staff at Florida State Prison and nearby facilities. He does extensive volunteer work with the Christian Light Foundation (CLF), the city of Jacksonville, and with prison ministries in Russia, Jamaica, Africa and other nations. Through the CLF, James provides material, counsels, teaches and continuously recruits other volunteers to minister to inmates. He has organized, coordinated and conducted crusades and special programs at Florida State Prison; provided Christmas stockings filled with New Testaments, candy, writing paper and hygiene products to inmates; taught Bible Study classes to inmates; assisted in organizing Chaplains retreats; and supplied and installed wiring, lights and equipment to several chapels, at no cost to the state. James also provides an annual staff banquet, and employs and ministers to ex-felons. His actions clearly reflect his deep, unselfish and sincere commitment to his fellow man. He is a credit to himself and the Florida Department of Corrections and deserves our respect, admiration and thanks.

Pincus Weinstein Pincus Weinstein Pincus Weinstein, better known as "Pinky," has been a volunteer with Probation and Parole 17-3, Sunrise West, for more than 15 years. Every Tuesday morning, without fail, Pinky reports to the office with a cheerful, positive attitude. He greets the clerical staff and checks with each officer and offers assistance, which is readily accepted. At the age of 82, Pinky is not only a dedicated volunteer and caretaker of his ill wife, but he also remains active and physically fit, bowling three times a week and participating in woodcarving, ceramics, needlepoint and traveling. He has continued his volunteer work for the Plantation Police Department for the past 20 years, and also volunteers for University Medical Center. Pinky, who has contributed an estimated 2,703 volunteer hours to the DC so far, lives by this motto: "You have to strive to be constructive in your life, and always try to give something back."

Teacher of the Year

Mark Horn, New River CI Teacher of the Year, Mark Horn, New River CI

Mark Horn, who has worked in correctional education for 13 years, is an Adult Basic Education instructor at New River CI. He was selected by his peers and competed with 19 other nominees for the honor of Teacher of the Year. Mark has worked with a diverse student population ranging from adult to youthful offenders, and has adapted his curriculum and teaching strategies accordingly. He has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Florida and earned his Master of Education degree in 1996. "I feel I have accomplished an important goal every time a student is promoted from my class to the GED class, and then proceeds to earn a GED diploma," said Mark. "After all, my success or failure in this professional endeavor rests primarily on the `product' I produce — hopefully a better educated and more productive citizen."

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