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Florida Department of Corrections
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Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises

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Created by Legislature

Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises (PRIDE), Inc., was authorized by the Florida Legislature in 1981 to operate state prison industries. A non-profit corporation, PRIDE annually contributes several million dollars to the state of Florida in the form of inmate compensation, victim restitution, and investment in assets for the state.

39 Industries in 21 Prisons

On June 30, 1997, there were 2,424 inmates working in PRIDE's many businesses. The corporation offers over 400 different skill paths to those working in PRIDE at 39 industries in 21 different prisons in Florida. Most of PRIDE's industries have been certified or recognized by national business or trade associations and accredited institutions.

Inmate fill bottles with pink soap.
Staying Clean -- A PRIDE inmate fills soap bottles in the Sanitary Maintenance Supplies factory at Apalachee CI. PRIDE inmates from Calhoun CI printed this year's annual report.

Preparing for Release

Prior to release, inmate workers received job readiness training and are advised to contact the PRIDE job developers, using a toll-free number provided. Upon release, referrals and job interviews are scheduled for the ex-offenders, with an emphasis on matching the job with job training received at PRIDE. Critical transitional support such as housing, transportation, clothing and tools (if needed) are provided to the ex-offenders.

Recommitment Study

PRIDE continued using an established methodology to measure recommitment of PRIDE ex-offenders to Florida's state prisons. The measurement criteria used for the study mirrors the definition of recidivism used by the Florida Department of Corrections. The recommitment rate is defined as a return to prison or a sentence to community supervision for a new crime occurring within 24 months of the offender's date of release from prison. Past studies have shown that ex-offenders tend to commit new crimes within a two year period.

The impact of the PRIDE work experience is demonstrated by the lower recommitment rate. Of the 560 ex-offenders released in FY94-95, who had worked for PRIDE for at least six months, 71 or 12.7% recommitted within that two-year period ending FY96-97. The study helps to measure the impact PRIDE's comprehensive industry job training, job placement and transitional support for its inmate workers.

Table: Pride Industries/Operations

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